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“I roll in the afternoons so as not to miss school”

Gala Bichir in a studio image for her actress book.

Gala Bichir in a studio image for her actress book.

The young actress, in one of the moments of the filming of Señoras del (h) AMPA. | INFORMATION

Her mother defines her as a “artistilla” and, of course, this 9-year-old crevillentina girl does not lack self-confidence. Gala Bichir Gil has always known that she wanted to be an actress, although she told her mother when she was three years old. Not surprisingly, interpretation is in his blood. Her mother, Adriana Gil, has spent her whole life dedicating herself to this world and her father is the Mexican actor living in Hollywood, Demián Bichir, with whom she already worked when she was four years old in the film 7:19, where she made a small appearance.

Now She is playing Virginia’s daughter in the series Señoras del (h) AMPA. For this production he did a casting when he was six years old and still living in Crevillent. For “love of art” they moved to Madrid and, although they are very sorry, “this city gives us the opportunities we needed if we want to continue in this world and take advantage of them.”

This mischievous actress confesses that she likes the series a lot but “as the things that happen in the script are more adult, I don’t appear as much as I would like and they don’t let me shoot many days as a girl. After this sentence, his mother explains that in the Community of Madrid children are very protected. Once selected, Gala must present in her own handwriting a document stating that she wants to carry out this project and character of her own free will. “They can shoot two days a week with a maximum of 4 hours.” At this time she arrives, is dressed, combed, text and recorded, always with her mother’s company.

At 9, he has a way of expressing himself that an older person could use. Thus, describe that «Being an actress makes me feel special. I love to wear clothes that are not mine and think that I am someone else. That they explain to me the life of that character and try to feel what happens to him. That is acting, putting yourself in the shoes of another person and giving your personal touch to the cry of “recording” on a set.

With great responsibility, he indicates how he combines his obligation and his passion: studies and acting. «When they catch me for a role, my mother explains to me how everything is going to be to know if I agree or not, because a lot of people work in a movie or series and it is not a game. But I guess if you compete in gymnastics, do ballet or whatever you have to be very responsible too. I only roll sometimes and it is usually in the afternoons so as not to miss school ».

Her mother clarifies that Gala is a very intelligent girl, with an Averages even with life changes. As a curious anecdote, he highlights that “one learns six pages of a character before one of social ones.” Although it does not reach ten, motivation and commitment are not lacking.

Testing and casting are an important part of the industry, but constant preparation “is essential. Gala goes to a school for young actors that is more focused on audiovisuals and almost all of her classmates are active like her. If you want to continue in this you have to have tools “, specifies his mother.

Special memory

Another of the most televised productions in which he participated is El Secreto de Puente Viejo, playing Esperanza Castañeda. A series of which he keeps the best memory “because it was my grandmother’s favorite.” Then she was already ill and Gala wanted to take her to Madrid to show her the sets and introduce her to the actors, but because of her condition she could no longer. Her granddaughter quickly searched for the solution: «I spoke with the actors and they all signed a photo dedicated to her and some even spoke to her on the phone. She didn’t even believe it! He had time to see me on TV before he went to heaven.

Now, mother and daughter are a good tandem. Both provide feedback and advice in a world where the important thing is “keep trying and be happy.”

Despite her young age, Gala knows that when she grows up she will be an «actress, of course. I would also like to study direction or animation, now I am learning 3D design and I love it ». Do not lose sight of her, she already points out ways.

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