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«I thought that the parents of my friends also did that to them»




A young woman has argued this Friday, before a Court of the Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands, that her stepfather sexually abused her for years In ibiza. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for a sentence of 14 and a half years in prison for the defendant.

In the trial held in the Second Section of the Court, the young woman, who is now of legal age, explained that she did not say anything until several years had passed, among other reasons, because I was not aware of the gravity of what was happening. “I thought that the parents of my friends also did that to them,” she explained between sobs. The young woman has given a statement in the room separated by a screen from the accused.

The victim has explained that it all started “very innocently at first”, with “tickling” games.

“I don’t know at what point it ‘crossed’,” he lamented. As reported, from tickling the man passed to kisses on the mouth, fondling and also tried to force him to masturbate.

He has also indicated that sometimes he slept in bed with his parents and once he he was “playing it all night”, with his mother “next door” sleeping. She has also said that he would often go into the bathroom while she was taking a shower.

“I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know how to feel. Nobody had told me about what sex or consent was», she declared, visibly affected.

The young woman has pointed out that this occurred continuously for several years, until, on one occasion, he penetrated her, without getting it completely. “He told me, ‘we’re going to do this right,'” he said. At that moment she slipped out of the room and from then on she began to avoid him.

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Then the relationship began to strain. «He told me, ‘you’re not so cool anymore, if you don’t like tickling anymore it’s because you’re not cool anymore’“, has counted.

Finally, the case came to light when the minor, already in her teens, went to the guidance counselor at her school. He did it to talk about the bad coexistence he had with his stepfather, and he did not intend to talk about the abuse, but the matter ended up appearing in the session: «I did not think about telling it, I wanted to keep it a secret. the counselor it took very little to make an appointment with my mother».

The defendant denies

For its part, the defendant has denied the abuse: “That is a fable, that has never happened,” he said.

In addition, the defendant has assured that the relationship with the girl was “very bad from the beginning” because the minor “He had bad manners and answered”. He has also said that when he married his mother, the minor “was crying all morning at the town hall” due to a supposedly jealous tantrum.

The minor has declared the opposite, that the relationship with her stepfather was very good at first: «I wish we had gotten along badly, I wish I never had to touch a hair, or shake hands in the street, ”said the stepdaughter.

The defendant has also stated that the minor’s mother would have demanded, through a lawyer, 50,000 euros in exchange for not denouncing him. The mother has denied that point, assuring that this is a “lie” and that she has “never” asked for money. In fact, that stepfather’s accusation was already the subject of another trial for alleged extortion, and the woman was acquitted.

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There is another point on which the declarations of the marriage differ. The man has stated that when the school counselor informed the mother, she had not believed the girl and that he left home voluntarily because “the tension was very strong” and “that was unsustainable.” However, the woman has stated that she believed her daughter from the beginning and that she “threw” the man that same day as soon as he got home.

The mother has maintained that the relationship between her partner and her daughter was good at first, and that she didn’t suspect because she trusted him. “He cheated on both of us,” he said. When the counselor told her that the girl had reported that her stepfather abused her, the woman was “shocked.”

The mother has lamented for not having realized what was happening. “I was quietly thinking that they were having a good time playing, and the one who was having a good time was him». The woman has also stated that her partner “controlled the mobile” of her daughter.

He confessed it to an acquaintance

On the other hand, an acquaintance of the couple has explained that her husband, now deceased, had a conversation in a bar with the accused, when the girl had already recounted the abuse. According to the witness, the man was telling her husband that his partner had kicked him out of the house and told him «That indeed he did touch her, but that he had not penetrated her.

Finally, a psychologist who examined the minor has considered that she contributed a “very credible” testimony since his story brings together several features that indicate credibility. He has also corroborated what the victim said: “He told me that at one point he wanted to go ‘further’, and that he felt ‘like a cockroach’ on top of him.”

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The doctor has also explained that it is very common, in cases of abuse of minors with these characteristics, that they do not tell what happened until they reach a certain maturity.

The prosecution raises the sentence

At the end of the trial, the Prosecutor’s Office has increased the sentence requested for the accused, originally from 12 years in prison, to 14 and a half years. The private prosecution has joined this request. The prosecutor has rejected in her report the possibility that the minor invented everything out of jealousy regarding the relationship between the accused and her mother.

In addition to the prison sentence, the Prosecutor’s Office requests a restraining order in favor of the victim, a measure of probation after completion of the prison sentence, that the accused be disqualified from activities that involve contact with minors and compensation of 20,000 euros for the consequences and non-material damage. The accused has already consigned 5,000 euros in civil liability.

For its part, The defense has asked for acquittal. The defense attorney has considered that the minor could have been suggested in the interrogations in the investigation and has highlighted differences in her story this Friday and previous versions. He has also accused the victim’s mother of lying, stating that the complaint would be motivated by economic reasons. In addition, the defense has requested the annulment of some proceedings of the case for formal reasons.

The trial has been seen for sentencing.

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