Friday, January 22

I toast because this 2021 will be better than the year 2020

A new year is beginning and those of us who survived the coronavirus have the responsibility to fulfill new resolutions and amendments, because the time has come to leave behind the bad experiences of 2020.

Because of the pandemic, we have stories left to tell our grandchildren and future generations about a year that we will never forget, but that we must overcome to start over for the good of humanity.

We are a generation that faces the challenge of correcting the course with new beginnings in 2021.
For example, on January 20 we will inaugurate the Democratic government of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

It will not be easy for them, nor for the thousands of voters who put them in that task, with a resentful economy and millions of missing jobs.

Furthermore, in New York alone, thousands of tenants face the fear of eviction because, left without work, they could not pay their rent.

Businesses will have to start like the Phoenix, starting with the little and almost nothing that the pandemic left them.
In the Senate, in Washington DC, partisan debates are expected on those nominated by Biden, among them several Hispanics, for positions in the federal government that will be in charge of defending issues such as health.

The composition of the Senate between Democrats and Republicans will also be crucial for the approval of the spending and investment budget laws that the new government needs to promote to get us out of the pot in which the pandemic left us.
The advantage is that policy analysts say that because Biden has been in Congress for 47 years, he already knows the Republican and Senate President Mitch McConnell.

In the past, both have agreed to difficult negotiations, such as the rescue of the banks in the 2008 financial crisis, and it would be feasible to think that they can once again reach agreements without partisan interest to save the nation and find a better future for all.

Immigrants start the new year full of hopes about what the new government can bring in terms of comprehensive immigration reform. Hopefully this time Biden can do what the Obama administration couldn’t.

And while the threads of power in the nation’s capital continue their course, we can do our bit against the pandemic.

What if instead of applauding and giving night concerts to the doctors, we take care of ourselves and avoid becoming patients of the coronavirus so that this 2021 we can throw 2020 into oblivion!

( The author – who uses a pseudonym – is a journalist based in New York)

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