Sunday, October 2

“I want the players to be happy to play”

Sergi Barjuan It took 16 minutes to receive the first question at the press conference in which he appeared alongside Joan Laporta. He will sit tomorrow Saturday in Barça’s game against Alavés and also possibly against Dinamo Kiev on Tuesday in the Champions League, but the attention was more focused on the long-term coach, who will be Xavi Hernandez. Barjuan plugs a hole for a couple of games and seemed to know his acting role perfectly well. Everything has gone very fast, and he has confessed it. “It is a stressful situation that must be mastered as soon as possible,” he said, referring to whether he had already been able to prepare for the match against Alavés.

“I am the winner and we all have to reverse the situation. If I have to intervene in situations for the good of the team, I will. It all depends on the demand of each situation,” explained the former left-back of the team. Johan Cruyff’s Barça. “He knows and understands our philosophy well. He played with Cruyff. And he knows our squad well and is eager,” Laporta supported him. And Barjuan has gifted his ears with style. “The Barça players are for a style of play that is non-negotiable. We must work and make the players believe in our way of doing things.”

Barjuan made a plea in favor of joy. “The first thing I want is for the joy to return a little, the happy faces, the happiness, that the players want to go to the field to play, to enjoy football. They have already shown that they know how to compete and endure the pressure.” The accidental coach placed first of all the responsibility of recovery on the squad. “The challenge is for them. The League is open and we have to earn points. We have to recover the idea of ​​vertical football,” he declared.

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At the moment he has only been able to direct one training session, so, he has admitted, he does not know for sure which players are good and who are not to try with many changes. You know for sure that you will not be able to count on Ansu Fati, injured, and regarding Dembélé He has said that he has trained and has options to enter the call. “I arrive in a complex situation, but we are already working. It is easier to work with players like them. What we have done today I liked. We have to try to connect everyone, which is something difficult. We have to be united, the people He has to come to the field tomorrow. The way he plays will not change, but maybe some tactical concepts could provide the solution. “

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