Sunday, January 17

“I want to show trans kids that things are getting better”: the 20-year-old who documented their transition

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With her documentary, Lily wants to show other trans teens that similar people exist and educate people with prejudices.

Growing up in a small town can be difficult for any teenager: there is not much to do and any kind of difference is noticeable.

For a trans teenager, this is even more serious, as 20-year-old Lily explains in the new BBC documentary “Lily: A Transgender Story,” in which she talks about her life and transition.

“It was difficult growing up in a small place,” he says. “I think I knew from when I was much younger that I didn’t fit in, even before I started my transition.”

He didn’t have many friends. “Living in a very small town, there were a lot of ignorance on any minority, “he continues.

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