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María, the driver who ran over three girls by accident on the 4th at the gates of the Montealto school, in Mirasierra (Fuencarral-El Pardo), gave a statement this afternoon before the Traffic Attests Unit of the Municipal Police. He has done it for approximately one hour and is still in a state of shock by what happened: the death of 5-year-old María, who was leaving class that afternoon and who, as a result of the run-over, died right there. The other two girls, aged 10 and 12, were admitted seriously, but their lives will go on.

In their statement, the researchers mainly had two main points to clarify: what maneuver was the one that caused the vehicle to slip forward and if it was the car that she usually drove. On the sequence of events, his narration was as follows, according to the sources consulted by ABC.

“I usually go to pick up my two daughters from school by car and park there. Once I did, with them already inside, I went to remove the car from where it was parked [la primera plaza según se mira hacia el acceso principal, junto a la garita del bedel]», Stated in the statement.

Tore, I had to backtrack to get the vehicle out, since the square is located between a side curb on the right and another just ahead; the second parking space, the one behind, is enabled for disabled drivers.

Speed ​​calculation

“I do not remember anything. Only that I wanted to brake and I stepped on the accelerator », he continued narrating to the Municipal Police. The car went forward. The two older girls were leaving the center and were run over; but Maria, the mortal victim, was already standing outside, waiting for them to come to pick her up. His mother, also called María, works in the secretary of the same school.

It ran over him and the car hit a tree. “Then, it stopped”, they explain that the informants consulted by ABC declared. The car circulated between 15-20 kilometers hours and it took about 3 seconds to make the short route, of about 20 meters, as seen in the Montealto security cameras, which recorded the terrible incident.

They have returned the car

On whether it was his usual car, he answered yes, that I had been using it for about four years and it is from ‘renting’. It is a dark gray Volvo, SUV type, which has already been appraised by investigators. The report has concluded that there is no mechanical problem that caused the unfortunate incident. In fact, after declaring, it was returned to the driver.

Now, the Municipal Police will finish the report and send it to the Prosecutor’s Office. This newspaper has learned that the families of the two survivors will not file a complaint. Maria’s has not decided yet. It is possible that it will remain in a civil case and be criminally dismissed, such as recklessness.

The report, to the Prosecutor’s Office

The event occurred at 5.30 in the afternoon, when Maria had picked up her two daughters from evening classes. He had the car, a Volvo CX90, automatic, parked right next to the main entrance to the Montealto. At the time, there were quite a few parents and minors at the door.

This case has raised a great social and media stir, although, according to sources from the investigation, “It could have happened anywhere, in a shopping center or at the door of a portal”, since it is “an oversight, a punctual driving malpractice.” Therefore, they rule out that it is a black point in road safety at the door of a school.

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