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“I will answer him as if he were a person like all the others”

The deputy of the PSOE Noelia Frutos. / IN

The dialogue between García-Gallardo and Noelia Frutos

Controversy over the response of the Vice President of Castilla y León of Vox to a disabled deputy of the PSOE

The question that sparked the storm in Tuesday’s plenary session in the Cortes of Castilla y León had its roots in a statement by the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), on April 9: «No women can be treated as if they were disabled”. From there derives the question raised by the socialist attorney Noelia Frutos during the control session to the Executive, and whose dialogue, with her replies, we reproduce literally below:

Noelia Frutos (PSOE): According to your already repeated statements, how does the Vice President of the Junta de Castilla y León believe that women with disabilities should be treated in Castilla y León?

Noelia Frutos (PSOE): You are very predictable. Well, the answer was simple, Mr. Vice President, without charity and without paternalism. Women with and without disabilities in Castilla y León are treated with respect. Is this why you wanted to be vice president? Do you think that with the position you hold you can make statements as if they were bar counter conversations? Do you think that everything goes here? Mr. Vice President, do you consider that this attorney who is speaking to you is inferior to you? Look, what you have repeatedly shown is that you have an aberrant ethical and moral limitation that, in an advanced society, is not compatible with the position you hold. And I’m going to confirm something for you to get off the horse and put your feet on the ground. You are not even the sole of the shoes for the women of this land, much less for women with disabilities in Castilla y León. Shoes that apparently you have never put on, because it reveals your retrograde thoughts, where women with disabilities seem to have to be protected in some way due to the fact of having a disability, or is it perhaps due to the fact to be women? Explain it to me in your reply, because the truth is that you have begun by crowning yourself in all your statements. I will explain to you, so that you learn, that women with disabilities suffer double discrimination against which we are fighting every minute of our lives, not to mention gender violence, yes, gender violence, to which we can also be subjected. Look, we live in a constant struggle, especially when we come across people with a zero degree of empathy and education, although they may have gone to the best paying schools. And since you are one of those people who do not have an iota of empathy and also seem to be quite idle, I am going to ask you to make an effort to earn your salary. As an administration, all of you have a duty to work to remove the obstacles and glass ceilings that prevent each person with different abilities from unleashing their full potential. In short, when the administration covers the needs of people with different abilities, diversity, plurality, equality and enrichment are created with what we contribute to society. Look, it’s simple. Begin by removing the obstacles that prevent 50.8% of the population from occupying 50.8% of the positions of responsibility. Mr. García-Gallardo, women, despite all their lack of empathy and respect, weathered the storm, a storm that we would not have had to endure if Mr. Mañueco had not decided to bring the extreme right into the Government of Castilla y León to at all costs and whatever the cost, and that will be literal. Because both economically and going back to the Middle Ages as a society [sic]. By the way, and luckily I’m sitting down, I’ve been waiting since the 9th, for Mr. Mañueco to disavow the words of his vice president. If he continues without doing so, know that you are an accomplice and the main person responsible for the fact that 50% of the population is being disrespected in this community that you unfortunately represent. I conclude by confirming that the Socialist Parliamentary Group will fight tooth and nail against fascism and the setback to which they want to lead us. And we will do it as always, working. Do you know what that is, the Spain that gets up early but little, or the one that arrives late, I don’t know? Start working at once and if possible with respect for all the people you represent. Thank you very much.

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Juan Garcia-Gallardo (Vox): Thank you very much, Mr. President. Look, Mrs. Frutos, I am not going to treat you with any condescension and I am going to respond to his lack of respect as if he were a person like all the others, not as his parliamentary group does, as I will say below. Look, if you talk about people with a compound surname, I imagine you are referring to Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, who has been the greatest misfortune that this country, Spain, has suffered in recent years. And if the PSOE talks about its own history, I imagine they are referring to its hundred years of honesty, especially in Andalusia, especially when they shot at the opposition or especially when they defended totalitarian ideologies such as communism. Look, Mr. Tudanca, I have arrived late because we had an incident with the car, but what you are late for is the defense of the direct train, with which I have been with Mr. Sicilia this morning, with the platform, having to endure how they tell us about your constant betrayals, your unfulfilled promises and everything you have done to the detriment of your own province and to the detriment of this land. And if not, you ask them. Don’t worry, yes, focus on the disability question and you talk about everything, and you ask Mrs. Blanco questions and then it turns out that you are talking about me, so focus on yourself and remain silent and a little respectful. We already know that it costs them a lot. It’s a worthwhile effort, really.

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Carlos Pollan: Ladies, please, ladies.

Garcia-Gallardo: look, if you are interested in our opinion on disability, we don’t have words, we have facts. Know what. Our Director General of Sports, Mr. Enrique Sánchez-Guijo, is an exceptional person, a sportsman, a Paralympic athlete who, despite all the difficulties he has had, has studied, has made an effort, has been in managerial positions, has been in politics, he has won Olympic medals and that is for me the example to follow. And that for me is the respect we have at Vox for people with disabilities. But look, do you want to know who the real enemies of disability are? The left. Because it is a hypocritical left. Which seems to be interested in the handicapped who were born, but not in those who were not born. Yes Yes Yes. You say that Vox says that people with disabilities are inferior. No, it is the left, with its laws of death, with its laws of euthanasia, and with its laws of abortion, that invites parents to abort, to grind in the wombs of their mothers the children they early detection of disability. Yes, and don’t be so indignant, because that is an empirical fact, susceptible to verification. And if you don’t go to many countries in Europe where almost no children with Down syndrome are born anymore. Well, look, and I’ll take advantage because since you mix up some questions with others… You have spoken before that we were going to put ourselves at risk and that we were going to face the right to voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Look, pregnancy is not susceptible to interruption, because what is susceptible to interruption is then susceptible to resumption. What you defend is killing children in the womb and in the face of that, yes, you will always have us in front of you with respect for order and the law. And rest assured that the Junta de Castilla y León will respect all the law, not just the laws that interest you. They will respect the regulations on data protection and the organic laws that preserve the right of all doctors not to have their data made public when they object conscientiously. Thank you very much.

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