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“I will retire when I can no more”

The Aragonese swimmer Teresa Perales, winner of 27 medals in six Paralympic Games and distinguished this year with the Princess of Asturias Award for Sports for her exceptional track record and for her brave commitment to partnerHe announced this Tuesday that it is posed “without a doubt” to go “upside down” to compete in Paris 2024.

Perales made this announcement at a press conference in Oviedo before collecting, next Friday, an award that he dedicated especially to the female athletes and Paralympians.

Asked about the possibility of prolonging her career until the next Paralympic Games, Perales (Zaragoza, 1975) has been blunt in her answer by ensuring that she is already thinking about her seventh Paralympic Games. “I already know that the body has to accompany“, said the swimmer, that” even before Tokyo I was thinking about Paris “because she wants to compete again enjoying the heat of the public, who” miss it a lot, “she explained.

The Aragonese swimmer, who needed to be admitted to a hospital for more than 20 days between Tokyo and Madrid at the end of the last Paralympic Games, where he added to his extensive record a silver medal, he has assured that he feels “much better” after something that could be a “functional and not organic problem”.

In addition, Perales affirmed that his “stubbornness” helped him overcome the shoulder dislocation he suffered before the Paralympic event to achieve a new Olympic medal, although it seemed “impossible” to participate. “Today I have no pain, although I know that I will have to undergo surgery,” he stressed. The objective of the Zaragoza swimmer remains compete as much as possible despite the fact that age is “a reality” and that he will only retire when “he can’t take it anymore.”

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An exciting award

Teresa Perales had already been nominated several times for the Princess of Asturias Award, but she had never won the award. “Achieving it this year has made me very excited because I didn’t know she was a candidate. It has been an absolute surprise, one of the most beautiful of my life, “he explained.

Always starting from humility, the Aragonese athlete admitted that her “career” has been marked because it has never been considered an icon while he recognized the “pride” of being able to send the message that “with work and effort the objectives can be achieved”.

The multi-medalist, who has celebrated the improvements experienced by the Paralympic movement since the first Paralympic Games were held in 1960, has pointed out that since her debut in Sydney 2000 she has been able to enjoy that “great evolution“.

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In this regard, he commented on the illusion generated among the Tokyo Paralympic participants by the fact that the promotional items jointly carried the logo of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games for the first time in history. “It’s a big step for the future, i encourage kids to dream big, although the road is not easy. You have to work because talent does not come from genetically. “

“We are people who have worked hard,” concluded Perales, who has been a defender of the theory that holds that with 10,000 hours exercising a task, you learn to develop it.

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