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“I wish only the church had fallen under the lava of the La Palma volcano”

In its history there is also the solidarity of some neighbors to become a people, to achieve roots in a place and to be able to enjoy the faith by making a joint effort to build their place of worship. In its facilities all the children of the neighborhood were married and baptized, and in its social rooms, in the basement of the church, banquets were held. Now there is nothing left of all that.

In its genesis, neighborhood collaboration was fundamental. This is explained by the official chronicler of Los Llanos de Aridane, María Victoria Hernández, who points out that, in 1950, some popular missions of some Capuchin monks, They “ate the coconut” for the neighbors to build a church. Thus begins the collaboration to do the construction.

Hernández notes that it was not until 1954 that the first visit of Bishop Domingo Pérez Cáceres appeared in the documentation of the historical archive of the City Council. Since then, masses have been celebrated, “but they still had neither a floor nor a bell tower.” The neighbors contributed their donations gradually, and in this way the construction elements were made and decorative and cult items were bought.

The official chronicler also discovers that his dedication to Pius X was designated before he was a saint of the Catholic Church. He emphasizes that he was beatified in June 1951, and, before anywhere else in the world, it was decided to give him that name after this Pope five months before he was sanctified, in September 1954. On its now-disappeared façade, on a volcanic stone, a bronze plaque was placed on which this anecdote was signified.: “First tempo of the Catholic Orb dedicated to the invocation of the great pontiff of the Eucharist”.

María Victoria Hernández explains that “it is more than a local” and asks that people not be “offended” who continue to lose absolutely everything. For this reason, he points out that “Todoque’s problem is going to be the roots of that area,” for which he adds that “we have to fight so that those neighbors continue to be so.” The parish priest of the area, Alberto Hernández, is committed to recovering masses and liturgical celebrations in the church of La Laguna as soon as the security conditions allow it. Hernández demands solidarity, since, “when people begin to assume their reality and they have to think again about a way of life, we are going to need empathy, but also material help“.

Bernardo Alvarez

The bishop of the Nivariense Diocese, Bernardo Álvarez, from La Palma, sent a message of unity to the town of Todoque and expressed his “closeness to all the people who lose houses and farms. Álvarez showed his regret for the loss of homes and landmarks of the town. , like the neighborhood center, the health center or the square, saying that “I wish only the church had been demolished and all the rest of the neighborhood had remained whole.”

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