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Ian Book’s NFL Draft Actions Hides Quarterback’s Place in Notre Dame History

If he takes Ian Book in the 2021 NFL Draft, it will likely be in the later rounds. That’s what a couple of experts said to South Bend Grandstand Recently.

It’s a shame, not because I misfeature Book’s talent – NFL talent screened know what they’re up to most of the time. But it’s a shame because, when a player doesn’t make a lot of noise at a professional level, their college contributions can often be lost. Notre Dame has one of the most storied stories in a nation of historic college football teams, and Book’s play as a quarterback arguably ranks right behind Brady Quinn on the program’s quarterback ranking list. .

The book is not 6-5 (it is more like 6 feet nothing). It does not have an arm howitzer. He has not won a national championship or Heisman Trophy or thrown 40 touchdowns in one season. What Book has done is win, more than anyone the Fighting Irish have ever had at the QB spot. If that’s important to NFL scouts, it’s not so relevant, because no matter what Book does professionally, he will have his Notre Dame legacy intact. For a three-star recruit who received no other Power 5 scholarship offer, the winningest quarterback in Notre Dame history doesn’t sound too bad.

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Ian Book Notre Dame Professional Ratings

Passing yards

  1. Brady Quinn – 11,762
  2. Book of Ian – 8,719
  3. Jimmy Clausen – 8,148

Passing touchdowns

  1. Brady Quinn – 95
  2. Ian’s Book – 72
  3. Tommy Rees – 61

Total Offensive Yards

  1. Brady Quinn – 11,944
  2. Ian’s Book – 10,182
  3. Jimmy Clausen – 7,793

The quarterback wins

  1. Ian’s Book – 30
  2. Brady Quinn, Tom Clements and Ron Plus – 29

How Ian Book became the winningest QB in Notre Dame history

Ian Book wasn’t supposed to become the winningest quarterback in Notre Dame history. In addition to Fighting Irish, he received scholarship offers from countries including Boise State, Washington State, UNLV, and Idaho as a three-star QB in Ex Dorado Hills, California.

When Book arrived at campus, Notre Dame was coming off a 4-8 season in 2016 and it seemed a long, long way from its glory days. Book primarily watched as a freshman as Brandon Ambush led the Fighting Irish to a 10-3 record, but then it was Book’s job from there.

In 2018, Book led Notre Dame to a national semifinal showdown with Clemson, completing more than 68 percent of his passes with 19 touchdowns while the Fighting Irish went 12-1. It was an 11-2 record the following year when Book’s completion percentage fell, but he went from game manager to play maker, shooting for 34 TDs and rushing for four more.

In his senior year, Book led Notre Dame back to the college football playoff. He helped upset Clemson earlier in the season in a masterful double overtime performance in which he threw for 310 yards.

Book put it all together as a senior, throwing both interceptions before the start of the college football playoff. He and his Fighting Irish teammates go into a showdown with No. 1 Alabama as big underdogs.

But for Book, all that’s left in building legacy is gravy. He beat Syracuse in the final week of the regular season to clinch his 30th victory as Notre Dame’s starting quarterback, leaving him alone in the history of the program.

“To achieve that level at Notre Dame,” Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said in early december, “It’s an amazing feat.”

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