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Iberdrola sees “a very powerful black hand” after the indictment of its president

Iberdrola is convinced of the existence of “a very powerful black hand” after the imputation of its president, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, that on January 18 he must declare for the alleged payment of investigation work to the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, within the framework of the so-calledTandem case. This is confirmed by sources close to the company, which has been in conflict with the president of ACS, Florentino Pérez, since he tried to take control of Iberdrola in the mid-2000s, in a process that lasted until 2012.

Sources of the electricity company wonder “who allegedly paid a false witness” to accuse the president of Iberdrola “if his illicit enrichment is proven.” The president of Iberdrola appealed his summons on December 10, alleging that at this precise moment it would generate “defenselessness”, since he considers that it is based solely on a false report, which he attributes to the former executive José Antonio del Olmo. The judge denied this claim.

‘El Confidencial’ published on Tuesday that the former director of Iberdrola, Jose Antonio del Olmo, against which the company has filed several lawsuits and complaints after denouncing an alleged plot of false invoices through an internal report, it has a huge real estate heritage built through judicial auctions. And the same publication assures this Wednesday that Olmo has sent a letter to the judge in which he reveals pressure received by his superiors to sign the invoices.


In the company chaired by Sánchez Galán they are very clear that the attempt to “destabilize the company” and that “they want to try again to stay with the company, which is the second private electricity company in the world (…)”. The documentation in the possession of the magistrate who is handling the case in the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, relieved of illness by Joaquín Gadea, has led Iberdrola to suspect that Villarejo spied on Ignacio Sánchez Galán, for the top executive of ACS, Florentino Pérez, as EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA, a newspaper belonging to the same publishing group as this medium, advanced on Monday.

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In a report commissioned in March 2009 and called ‘Gipsy project‘to inquire about the relationships of a manager of the electricity company, Jose Manuel Alvarez – referred to as Chema-, it was found that the president of ACS and Real Madrid continued “obsessively looking for data that directly affects the president of IB (Iberdrola)” and suggests that he could have tried to access the suitcase of Confidential and internal documentation of Iberdrola through “a person of confidence”. These data appear in that report as well as in annotations in the agendas of the former commissioner.

Flonretino Pérez, for his part, personified as a private accusation in the piece on Iberdrola’s espionage against its competitors, presented a letter last month in which he claimed an imputation from the electric power company, not only from the subsidiary Iberdrola Renovables, and accused her of exercising a veiled defense of her highest position, according to ‘El Confidencial’. Iberdrola, for its part, asked the judge to exclude Florentino Pérez from the accusation of the ‘Tandem case’ on the grounds that he used the condition of injured party to carry out unfair competition and sabotage company operations.

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