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Iberian Press for Canary Islands Tourism

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“The silver tourist can find in the Canary Islands everything they need, both in the natural environment and in activities and in hotel and leisure infrastructures”, Explain José Manuel Baltar Trabazo, corporate general manager of Hospitales San Roque, management consultant and advisor on issues related to tourism and particularly in what is known as the ‘silver economy’. “All this makes it easier for them to maintain a healthy life to try to improve, in terms of activity, their quality and, therefore, their life span. But, in addition, they will also have at their disposal a health care system that will guarantee the best treatment they may need “, he underlines.

It is about a tourist who wants to live life enjoying it to the full. “The profile of silver is a visitor who has a higher income, since he does not have dependent children and has paid his mortgage”, aim Enrique Talg, director of the Hotel Tigaiga. “They are interested in culture, gastronomy or hiking. In addition, they are technologically at the forefront, since they regularly use social networks “.

That is why in the Canary Islands they enjoy a value offer that revolves, in the words of Antonio Garzón, economist, founder and manager of NutriHotel, “On three main axes: climate, health security and hospitality”. In this sense, he explains, “The best climate in the world is not an invention of marketing, but is based on scientific data, such as the 1996 study by Professor Whitmore of the University of Syracuse, which classified Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as a city with the best climate in the world in a comparison of 600 cities worldwide. Previously”, remember, “UNWTO had already classified the area between Arguineguín and Puerto de Mogán as the best microclimate in the world”.

The health benefits of silver are manifold. “Several of them have told me about the hotel”, reveals Antonio Garzón, “That here in winter they reduce or even suppress the medications they take for various pathologies”. It is also important that both private insurance and European social security cover any health incident, the procedures having been simplified enough so that the tourist is covered by the social security of their country through international agreements.

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“We have had many clients with various types of pathologies who choose, in this specific case, La Palma to improve their health. And we are not only talking about physical health “, says Federica Ceiner, official guide of the Government of the Canary Islands and owner of the company La Palma Natural, “Mental health is a new need and our destination offers perfect conditions to get away from the stress and worries of everyday life. The lifestyle that characterizes La Palma ”, he points out,“ makes it possible to avoid many risky situations ”.

Speaking of the latter, says Enrique Talg, “Many silver tourists the first thing they do when they arrive is learn our language, because they want to get involved with our land”. The canary has hospitality in his blood and, according to Garzón, “If it goes further and we understand it as tolerance, it is also one of the attraction factors of the Canary Islands, as happens, for example, in the perfect integration of an offer for other profiles such as LGTB”.

The time of year in which they usually travel is winter, from November to April, when on the continent the temperatures begin to be rigid. “In these months”, Federica Ceiner points out, “Here in the Canary Islands life goes on outdoors, it is possible to walk, bathe, enjoy the warmth of the sun. Everything this visitor is looking for “. In addition, the Canary Islands have one of the cleanest skies on the planet. In fact, La Palma is certified as a Starlight Reserve. “We have had several amateur clients and even”, says Ceiner, “We had a silver couple who decided to spend several months on the island precisely because of their interest in photography of celestial objects”.

For Antonio Garzón, this tourism has become “Multi-optional, that is, one day you can be at the beach, the next day hiking and the next in a cultural event; on the other hand”, he adds, “The demand for complementary leisure activities has also increased in the era of vacation experiences. Finally, the desire to be in contact with nature has increased. These trends have been propelled by the pandemic, especially the search for contact with nature “.

The tourist chooses the Canary Islands, as a “tropical” destination, but is still in Europe, with all the standards of quality of life, security -also legal- and even the same currency and, in most cases, with only one hour of difference. In addition, it should also be noted “The authenticity of our cultural and gastronomic offer, what we know as the Magi dance, the gofio, the bonfires of San Juan or the carnivals, which in the Canary Islands everything is celebrated with a Latin character”, declares Enrique Talg.

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