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Working and enjoying 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, paradisiacal beaches and incredible landscapes, also in winter, is the life choice of the remote workers located in the Canary Islands. The good Internet connection that the Archipelago enjoys, the proximity to Europe, the safety of the destination and the vibrant atmosphere of its towns and cities, as well as the good climate that reigns throughout the year, have made the Canary Islands a destination leader for those who carry out their work remotely.

THE HEALTH CRISIS caused by COVID-19 has led giants like Twitter to declare that they meet their work goals from anywhere in the world. “The Canary Islands have all the conditions to escape the abnormality we are experiencing,” says José Juan Lorenzo, Managing Director of Tourism of the Canary Islands.

The brand, together with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, is designing an action plan to reach the remote workers, that although before the crisis caused by COVID-19 they were already identified in the promotion strategy of the Canary Islands brand, after the irruption of teleworking it has become an even more interesting opportunity. And it is that teleworking has come to stay. This job profile is on the rise in companies around the world, which are adapting their organization to the change in business culture driven by new technologies.

“The conditions offered by the Canary Islands of connectivity, bandwidth, security, and extraordinary conditions of nature and diversity of islands, landscapes and activities, make the destination a place with unmatched characteristics for this traveler profile”, explains Lorenzo. ” Now more than ever, people need air and light ”, highlights Ignacio Rodríguez, founder of Repeople, the first teleworking platform in the Canary Islands, and regional executive member of the International Remote Work Association. And in the Canary Islands they can be felt with intensity thanks to its proposal of sustainable active leisure in an environment with more than thirty natural parks and protected areas, for the qualification of 60% of its territory as a Biosphere Reserve and for its five World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, as well as for its original cultural activities or the dream beaches, spread over its 1,500 kilometers of things. “That is why”, underlines the founder of Repeople, “we are a paradise for workers who can carry out their work functions outside the home.”

“Teleworkers consider the Canary Islands a 5-star destination for life”

– Ignacio Rodríguez, founder of Repeople.

THIS REALITY It is confirmed by the members of Wifi Tribe, a “luxury” Club for traveling Remote Workers, a leader in the hospitality industry. coworking and the coliving, who have chosen Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as their destination for teleworking throughout the month of November. “On a global level, Gran Canaria is already known as a hub for digital nomads. Furthermore, it is one of the few places in Europe where you can enjoy good weather at any time of the year. That brings together many remote workers in the Islands, especially now. We are also very attracted to the culture, the food and the adventures that the destination offers ”, says Diego Bejarano Gerke, CEO of Wifi Tribe.

The truth is that this community of digital nomads already placed the capital of Gran Canaria in 2018 as one of the four recommended cities in Europe for travelers. remote workers. “We are delighted to be here, so much so that we are even thinking of extending our stay in the Archipelago. And the fact is that the Canary Islands have everything we are looking for, not only in terms of teleworking but also in terms of tourist experience and lifestyle ”, says Gabriel Larenas, property manager at Wifi Tribe, who has worked remotely for more from 12 different countries.

CANARY ISLANDS OFFERS HIGH CONNECTIVITY, a lower cost of living than in many European cities. All this accompanied by an accommodation offer that adapts to any circumstance and price and, also, spaces of coworking spread throughout the islands to create a solid network of contacts. “After returning to live here after being in the United States and Germany”, recalls Ignacio Rodríguez, “I realized that in the Canary Islands I lacked that interaction with people from all over the world to enrich my work.” Ignacio encourages and advises remote companies and workers to establish themselves in the Archipelago. When they arrive, they can choose between renting long stays on their own, which is the preferred option for stable workers seeking to live an experience close to the day-to-day life of the Canaries, or lodging in the coliving from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, “where digital nomads looking to work and travel can stay from one week to six months.” “And most extend their stay,” he says, “because teleworkers consider the Canary Islands as a 5-star destination for life.”

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