Friday, November 27

Ibi asks the Sub-delegation for an extraordinary procedure to increase the staff of the Local Police

Meeting held by the Security Board to carry out the extraordinary processing.

Meeting held by the Security Board to carry out the extraordinary processing.

The plenary hall of the Ibi City Council hosted last Friday the Local Security Board, which was attended by Rafael Serralta, mayor of Ibi; M.ª José Herrero, Deputy Mayor for Social Inclusion, Equality and the Internal Regime; Rubén Barea, Deputy Mayor for Citizen Security; Elvira Vidal, head of the Local Police; José Joaquín González, lieutenant of the Civil Guard of Ibi; Nieves Cantó, coordinator of Social Services; José L. Rodríguez, Colonel of the Civil Guard – Chief of Operations; Antonio Gárate, Captain of the Civil Guard of Ibi, José A. Fernández, provincial head of the Unit of the National Police Corps attached to the Valencian Community and José A. Cuadros, Secretary General of the Government Subdelegation.

Regarding the points to be discussed, the current situation of the Local Police staff is the one that arouses the most urgency and concern in the Municipal Corporation and to which, once again, special attention was paid. At the meeting it was clear that in repeated meetings, both with the government sub-delegation, as well as in different Local Security Boards, verbal and written insistence has been made on the problems derived from the lack of personnel in the local police of the municipality, Until now, the problem has not been solved, to which are added those derived from the application of the Fifth Transitory Provision Adaptation of the local police forces, of Law 17/2017, of December 13, of the Generalitat, Coordination of local police of the Valencian Community, which obliges the City Council of Ibi to a minimum structure of its staff of its local police whose adaptation period ends during the year 2021.

As he was unable to attend, this deficiency could not be transferred, again, to the Government sub-delegation, Araceli Poblador, who was invited to the meeting, although it was to José A. Cuadros, secretary general of the Government sub-delegation who attended in its place. Therefore, once again, the consistory put on the table a very necessary and important question for the town and requested the processing of an extraordinary file that authorizes the creation of the official staff of this Corporation with the places necessary, which would comply with the minimum structure of the local police staff. A matter in the session will not stop working and do everything possible to offer a prompt solution.

Conventions and protocols

Finally, another important point to be discussed was the updating of the police agreements and protocols signed for the incorporation of local police officers to the VioGén system, according to Law 40/2015 of October 1, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector. The VioGén system is a “Protocol of Collaboration and Coordination between the State Security Forces and Bodies and the Local Police For the Protection of Victims of Domestic and Gender Violence”, to which Ibi joined last year. In this case, the operative procedure is for coordination and collaboration between the Civil Guard of the main Ibi post, the Local Police and the Ibi City Council, to guarantee compliance with the judicial protection measures for victims of gender violence in the municipality of Ibi.

Both Corps will continue to carry out the pertinent protocol and it is that at the same time that the case of gender violence occurs and is detected, a personalized and punctual monitoring of the victims is carried out in accordance with the established protocols, and is carried out by the Civil Guard or by the agents of the Local Police, as agreed in this procedure and in the Security Coordination Table.

For this, the Civil Guard and the Local Police use the VdG System, a Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence. They manage the recording of data in the VdG System (VioGén) and carry out the Police Assessment of the Evolution of Risk (Form VPER) of the victims. Among an infinity of situations and criteria that are established and determined in the protocol signed between both Security Forces. The Civil Guard and Local Police will communicate, immediately and with reciprocity criteria, any circumstance or information that affects the level of risk and protection of the victims assigned to the other Corps.

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