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ICC World Cup T20 2021 schedule: full dates, times, TV channels, live broadcasts to watch all cricket matches in the US.

The wait is over. After successive changes and postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is here.

Because it will be played in Australia last year, and then moved to India before being relocated again, the seventh edition of the T20 World Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates and Oman for the next four weeks, marking the first time the Middle East has hosted the event.

An event that never fails to deliver great and exciting moments, this year’s T20 World Cup will see 16 nations represented by the world’s best men’s short-form cricketers.

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The West Indies are the defending champions of 2016 and have won the tournament a record twice, but will face fierce competition from World No. 1 England, along with India, Australia and New Zealand for this year’s crown. .

When is the ICC T20 World Cup?

  • Dates: October 17 to November 14

The ICC T20 World Cup was originally scheduled for October 2020 in India. The rescheduled T20 World Cup will begin on Sunday, October 17 in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

The final will take place on Sunday, November 14.

T20 World Cup TV and streaming in the US

  • Television channel: n / A
  • Live broadcast: ESPN +

ESPN + will broadcast the T20 World Cup beginning Sunday, October 17. The streaming service will show all the matches in English and Hindi.

Coverage will begin at 6 am ET for the first round matches, beginning with Oman against Papua New Guinea, followed by Bangladesh against Scotland at 10 am ET. ESPN + will also show footage from preparation matches with India, West Indies, England, New Zealand, Australia and more.

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ESPN + offers a subscription for $ 6.99 per month ($ 69.99 per year). Fans can also purchase The Disney Bundle, which allows access to Disney +, ESPN +, and Hulu or $ 13.99 / month (Hulu with ads) or $ 19.99 / month (Hulu without ads).

Click here to learn more about ESPN + pricing and package options.

Who is playing in the T20 World Cup?

There will be 16 teams playing in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Australia
  • England
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • West Indies
  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Netherlands
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Ireland
  • Namibia
  • Scotland
  • Oman

T20 World Cup Draw

The groups for this year’s T20 World Cup are listed below. The first Group B matches of Round 1 will compete on Sunday, October 17, while Group A will begin on Monday, October 18. From there, Groups B and A will alternate days of competition.

Teams will play in Round 1 of the tournament, with the top of each group advancing to the Super 12 against the top eight T20 cricket nations.

The Group 1 competition will begin on Saturday, October 23, followed by the Group 2 competition that will begin on Sunday, October 24. The groups will also alternate days of competition until the semifinals begin on Wednesday, November 10.

There will be 45 games in the tournament, including the final.

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T20 World Cup groups

Round 1

Group A B Group
Sri Lanka Bangladesh
Ireland Scotland
Netherlands Papua New Guinea
Namibia Oman

Super 12

Calendar T20 World Cup 2021

Round 1

Match Date Time (ET) Location
Oman v. Papua New Guinea Sunday October 17 6 a. M. Oman
Bangladesh vs. Scotland Sunday October 17 10 a. M. Oman
Ireland vs. Holland Monday October 18 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
Sri Lanka vs. Namibia Monday October 18 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
Scotland v. Papua New Guinea Tuesday October 19 6 a. M. Oman
Oman vs. Bangladesh Tuesday October 19 10 a. M. Oman
Namibia vs. Holland Wednesday October 20 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
Sri Lanka vs. Ireland Wednesday October 20 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
Bangladesh vs. Papua New Guinea Thursday October 21 6 a. M. Oman
Oman v. Scotland Thursday October 21 10 a. M. Oman
Namibia v. Ireland Friday October 22 6 a. M. Sharjah
Sri Lanka vs. Holland Friday October 22 10 a. M. Sharjah

Super 12 Groups 1 and 2

Match Date Time (ET) Location
Australia vs. South Africa Saturday October 23 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
England vs. the West Indies Saturday October 23 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
A1 against B2 Sunday October 24 6 a. M. Dubai
India vs. Pakistan Sunday October 24 10 a. M. Dubai
Afghanistan vs. A1 Monday October 25 10 a. M. Sharjah
South Africa vs. the West Indies Tuesday, October 26 6 a. M. Dubai
Pakistan v. New Zealand Tuesday, October 26 10 a. M. Sharjah
England against B2 Wednesday October 27 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
TBD v. TBD Wednesday October 27 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
Australia vs. A1 Thursday October 28 10 a. M. Dubai
West Indies v. B2 Friday October 29 6 a. M. Sharjah
Afghanistan vs. Pakistan Friday October 29 10 a. M. Dubai
South Africa against A1 Saturday October 30 6 a. M. Sharjah
England vs. Australia Saturday October 30 10 a. M. Dubai
Afghanistan vs. TBD Sunday October 31 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
India vs. New Zealand Sunday October 31 10 a. M. Dubai
England against A1 Monday, November 1 10 a. M. Sharjah
South Africa against B2 Tuesday, November 2 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
Pakistan v. TBD Tuesday, November 2 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
New Zealand v. TBD Wednesday, November 3 6 a. M. Dubai
Afghanistan v. India Wednesday, November 3 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
Australia vs. B2 Thursday, November 4 6 a. M. Dubai
West Indies v. A1 Thursday, November 4 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
New Zealand v. TBD Friday, November 5 6 a. M. Sharjah
India vs. TBD Friday, November 5 10 a. M. Dubai
Australia vs. West Indies Saturday november 6 6 a. M. Abu dhabi
England vs. South Africa Saturday november 6 10 a. M. Abu dhabi
Afghanistan vs. New Zealand Sunday, November 7 5 am Abu dhabi
Pakistan v. TBD Sunday, November 7 9 a. M. Sharjah
India vs. TBD Monday, November 8 9 a. M. Dubai
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Match Date Time (ET) Campus
Semifinal 1 – A1 v. B2 Wednesday, November 10 9 a. M. Abu dhabi
Semifinal 2 – B1 v. A2 Thursday, November 10 9 a. M. Dubai
Final Sunday, November 14 9 a. M. Dubai


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