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Iceta shows his chest after handing over the prisons to the Basque Country: “Pay off a debt”




The Minister of Territorial Policy, Miquel Iceta, went to Bilbao today to sign the transfer of prison powers to the Basque Country. And the socialist has not been intimidated by the criticism that this movement has received, especially among the victims of ETA terrorism. Rather the complete opposite.

“It is a transcendent issue, pending for many years and that comes to meet and settle a debt,” said Iceta in the press conference after the mixed commission with which the delivery of these powers has been settled, until At the moment, it only had one other autonomy: Catalonia. The rest of the prisons are managed by the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, which is part of the Ministry of the Interior.

Iceta, in an interview prior to the meeting granted to Radio Euskadi, has insisted that the transfer of these powers is related to legal normality. “We are doing nothing more than complying with the law”, defended Iceta who, once the bilateral meeting with the Basque Government is over, has stated that the precedents are satisfactory in Catalan territory: “The truth is that Catalan society is reasonably satisfied with the management and concrete use of this transfer. The Catalan socialist ignored the October 1 coup and the subsequent condemnation of the leaders of the independence process.

Wink to PNV

“It is regrettable that the Basque Country has not had time to demonstrate that capacity,” added the head of Territorial Policy, who wanted to unlink, in question time from journalists, this decision of a new ‘toll’ from the Government to the PNV to extend Pedro Sánchez’s stay in La Moncloa.

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“I would ask them to make this effort to separate,” has requested Iceta, who has also advanced that agreements such as this transfer assignment only strengthens the harmony between the Socialists and the Basque nationalists. “The relationship we have between governments – Basque and central – and between parties – PNV and PSOE – will continue to strengthen.”

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