Sunday, December 5

Ideological assault on the university



There is no other reaction than pessimism when reading the preliminary draft of the Organic Law of the University System since it is a new lost opportunity to revitalize the Spanish university, improve its main functions (higher education, research and study) and strengthen its cloisters , who have to pursue that goal as a nurturing mother of knowledge. The text only contributes progress towards better financing that can give more security to the centers and in establishing mechanisms for permanent training and work-study conciliation, as well as some opening in the itineraries. But there are many more deficits that it will bring because the text arrives with a capital error: its sectarianism and perfect fit in the social laboratory of the left, institutionalizing its clichés, dogmas and complexes. It is intended, for example, the disappearance of the hired doctor who until now has constituted the first step to access a stable position, while the students gain weight and power in the university decision-making bodies, surely in the conviction that they are more akin to the left, at least those who are most interested in those positions. ‘Linguistic diversity’ arrives, of course, to promote co-official and foreign languages ​​while it is relegated to Castilian because even sign language is spoken but it does not seem even remotely the official language of the entire State. And they break the so-called ‘democratic memory’ as an essential form of education for the new generations and the ‘gender policies’, which will dominate the entire structure and promotion. Not only does it favor the access of women but it will also create compulsory ‘equality and diversity’ units. The traditional attack on private companies completes the menu, which is attacked with a high-volume VAT to their clear detriment.

But the most worrying thing is the loss of excellence that chronifies the text. As ABC has already advanced, Castells intends that tenured professors – and not only professors, as has happened until now – access the rectorships. This lowering of the profile of the candidate for the highest university position is interpreted as an opportunity for the project of the extreme left to recolonize the universities. It is about making the eminence disappear and rewarding political affiliation (naturally from the left, otherwise the candidate will not be worth it) to gain control of the cloisters and all the academic and administrative machinery of the center. The result of this strategy -which opens a huge door for nepotism among militants- will be that the rectors will not reach those who have sufficient merits and skills recognized with the chair in an area, but rather the candidate who best fits the sectarian profile that arises.

The university, the pillar on which knowledge, research, and individual training rest and is therefore the engine of the advancement of society, becomes in the hands of the left a kind of secular minaret from which to proclaim its political ideology as the only one and canonical and establish a new social model nurtured with the forage of neologisms and ‘neovalues’. It is about putting the irrefutable cap on that amalgam of births with which it is intended to change society and establish from the university a unique model of citizen that completes the indoctrination that is also pursued in schools, where from now on the Government it is going to fix in the school curricula what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ in the subject ‘Civic and ethical values’. More than a university law, what the sanchismo has prepared at the hand of Castells is a left-wing ideological project that the university uses as an excuse to prop up a social model to its liking.

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