Saturday, December 4

“If God is with me, who against me?”

Also at dawn, of course, I have seen the 23-year-old Andalusian pharmacist make his debut today. Francisco Gaviño, mounted on your precious’Fountain of the Faye ‘, in the dressage contest where, they say, the important thing is elegance, harmony and balance. Gaviño did not do very well, as it had not, days before, Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, the best Spanish trick in the horse show.

And that Gaviño got up at 5 in the morning in Tokyo to prepare as best as possible for his Olympic participation, the dream of every athlete. “Five in the morning in Tokyo,” the Andalusian wrote on his twitter as soon as he got out of bed, “and the first thing I do is entrust myself to Lord of Great Power. Many thanks to the Brotherhood of the Great Power for helping me feel the Lord so close, even in the other part of the world. If God is with me, who against me?

I do not know if they have repaired, but equestrian has something unique, tremendous, spectacular in these times: it is the only sport in which gender equality prevails. Horses and mares, riders and riders, all together, exchanged, compete in the same medal table, for the same goals and metals. By telling you that, in the Dressage contest, five women took the top five positions, I have already told you everything. Or almost.

From Springsteen to Gates

For not telling you that one of the attractions of these Olympic Games, in the jumping competition, is Jessica springsteen, 29 years old, yes, yes, the daughter ofBoss’ Y Patti scialfa. But Jessica is not the only famous girl, she is also, representing Egypt, Nayel nassar, boyfriend of Jennifer, the eldest daughter Bill gates, co-founder of Microsoft. Of course, the queen is still the German veteran Isabell Werth, 52, who has just won her seventh consecutive gold, Olympic title, becoming the most awarded rider in history. And he does not retire.

Can you imagine the move that an equestrian contest means in some Games. In Japan there are the 328 best horses in the world of the different Olympic specialties. And they arrived on special flights, from all corners of the world, organized by the company Peden Player, which has been transporting horses since the 1960 Rome Games.

Sleep standing up

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And he does it, of course, in immense planes, converted into authentic luxury hotels for precious animals such as ‘Don’ or ‘Bella Rose’, the mythical mare of Isabell werth. All of them have traveled on special Emirates SkyCargo flights in different Boeing-777-Fs, with the horses installed in the front and the mares in the tail to prevent the males from smelling the females and being disturbed during the flight. In the center, they place the castrated specimens to act as plugs.

The horses and mares traveled with thousands of kilos of special food, unique water, a dozen grooms and two veterinarians by plane. Although animals may indulge in lying down in their beds, they actually sleep standing up. On flights, they had so-called ‘restraint devices’, which allow the tendons and ligaments to effectively lock the knees and hocks (on the hind legs) so that they do not fall and could injure themselves while falling asleep.

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