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“If I am not a candidate for the PP in Valencia I would like to be a parliamentarian again”

He resigned in 2011, a year before being found not guilty in the ‘suits cause’. Since then, the former president of the Generalitat Valenciana Francisco Camps has managed to get out of eight other judicial alleys unscathed. The last file, that of a piece derived from the celebration of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Valencia, was produced this week. Now, the one who was one of the most relevant figures of the PP – with three absolute majorities and eight years of government behind him – faces the steepest slope. The National High Court will judge him for allegedly favoring a company from the Gürtel plot in the award of public contracts in 2009. The hearing has not yet

has a date, but Camps is willing to go to the end to prove his innocence.

Why do you consider yourself a victim of political and judicial persecution? Who do you think are responsible?

I have verified this since I left the Presidency ten years ago for a cause that the left used ad nauseam, where the popular accusation was already signed by Ximo Puig, who is now president. Since then, it has always been in any of the causes that have appeared. He started by paying the lawyers with money from the Socialists or from his pocket, I don’t know, and now we Valencians are the ones who are paying the Generalitat Lawyers, which continues to persecute me. Although the judge or Anti-Corruption files, the political guideline is to keep appealing. And that is why we are going to ask the Administration for financial responsibility.

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What do you think happened so that the same prosecutors who requested your indictment now claim the file?

We have managed to demonstrate with great effort from my lawyers, Pablo Delgado and Belén Gil, that everything that was proposed against me was not true. We had to disassemble it point by point.

With what arguments is the investigation of the last case pending before the Court of Justice of the European Union going to take?

I went to testify as a witness to a Gürtel trial without a lawyer and without knowing that the Prosecutor’s Office was already preparing my accusation in a separate piece in which only I was listed as being investigated. A “summary” instruction from Judge José de la Mata. We are going to denounce that the European regulations that guarantee the presumption of innocence from the procedural point of view were breached. They had to have warned me in order to defend myself.

“We will denounce in Europe that I testified as a witness without knowing that I was being investigated in another case”
Francisco Camps, in the office where he practices as a lawyer
Francisco Camps, in the office where he practices as a lawyer – MIKEL PONCE

It vindicates its legacy and defends its management. Do you understand the doubts of citizens when they see that members of their government or the party have been convicted of corruption?

I do not know, that is a question that corresponds to the citizenship.

Do you regret any decision you made?

No, of none. Not even the resignation.

Would you bet on the big events again?

Absolutely. At the moment there are two that are still being held: the Volvo Ocean Race and the Cheste Moto GP.

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But he knows that in general there is no good memory of Formula 1 or the America’s Cup …

It is not true, that I can assure you. We believe that people do not keep good memories because there is no one to defend what was done.

Fronts were left open, such as the debt of the Navy and the F1 circuit. Did you think about the day after?

There is debt in the Universal Exhibition of Seville, in the Olympic Games of Barcelona … The Expo of Zaragoza is a ruin and nobody says anything. Here nothing is ruined. They are equipment that is used. What happens is that they have paralyzed him to give the feeling that that was a wrong decision. During my time, the financial management was impeccable. In fact, governments continue to live off plans that I put in place.

“We have dismantled point by point everything that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office proposed against me”

Are you still offering yourself to the PP as a candidate for Mayor of Valencia?

Absolutely. All my personal and political life is tied to this city. That is why the illusion moves me. However, I will support whoever you decide to be the candidate.

You know there is already a candidate, María José Catalá. Is it seen in other spaces such as Congress or the Senate?

Yes, of course. If I do not run for mayor, I would like to be a parliamentarian again. Would not be bad. I was vice president of Congress for a time. The European Parliament, the Senate … I am at the disposal of the PP.

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Francisco Camps, at one point in the interview
Francisco Camps, in a moment of the interview – MIKEL PONCE

So you’re not thinking of joining Vox or creating an independent party?

No. In 2022, I have been a member of the Popular Party for forty years.

Are you satisfied with the treatment given to you by the leadership of the PP?

Yes. I have to admit that Carlos Mazón – leader of the popular Valencians – has always spoken well of my management and my honor.

Have you spoken with Pablo Casado lately?

No, not lately. But Teodoro García Egea, like Mazón, sent me a message of encouragement after the last judicial file and we greeted each other warmly last month at a conference.

What relationship do you have with Eduardo Zaplana?

The other day we were eating together. Well, normal, cordial.


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