Sunday, December 3

“If the missile had hit the restaurant, no one would have been saved”

The team of the NGO World Central Kitchen that suffered a bombing in Ukraine will return to work between this Monday and this Tuesday in a new Kharkov site. This has been confirmed by the founder of the NGO, the Spanish chef José Andrés, who has assured that the missile that caused injuries to four of the members of the NGO was “quite powerful”.

He fell close, if he had fallen in the restaurant no one would have been saved. The building she fell into was totally destroyed.“, explained the chef in an interview on Onda Cero.

The members of the restaurant team who have been working with the NGO for a week “are doing well”, according to the chef, and they have decided to stay “to continue cooking in another location”.

The NGO has more than 300 kitchens scattered throughout Ukraine and other neighboring countries to help the population. “We try to keep the teams very safe, but people have to continue to eat… in very poor areas where there are no supermarkets or in bunkers.”

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“Many people tell you that they did not vote for Zelensky, but that he is now their leader and we cannot let this war be played only by the Ukrainians. We democratic countries have to be with President Zelensky and with the Ukrainians”, concluded José Andrés .

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