Friday, January 22

“If those protesters had been black, now we would be talking about more deaths”

  • Patricia Sulbarán Lovera
  • BBC World News


Most of the Trump supporters who stormed Congress on Wednesday were white.

In the eyes of American academic and intellectual Eddie S. Glaude Jr., it is almost impossible to think that a scene like Wednesday’s on Capitol Hill could be starred by black protesters.

The author of several titles on the complex dynamics of race in his country maintains that, had that been the case, the police would have attacked with all their might to stop the assault on the headquarters of Congress.

“We would be now talking about more dead and a violent response from the police, “says the also head of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University.

Glaude, like many other authoritative voices in the country, including that of President-elect Joe Biden himself, question the disparity in the use of force occurred on Wednesday compared to protests against police brutality and racism that took place since last May after the death of George Floyd.

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