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If you can’t tag someone on Instagram, we tell you the reasons and the solutions

Instagram is one of the largest and most widespread social networks today and that is why, when it gives some type of error, it seems more serious.

Yes when trying label someone in a publication is not responding, It may be an error from the social network, so we just have to wait for them to fix it or it can come from our application, so the solution should come from us.

Let’s see what they are main mistakes what we could be committing and what solutions we have at our disposal.

The mistakes

There are a few errors that we must check if we cannot tag someone on Instagram and it is not possible in all cases.

We must check if what we are going to tell you is fulfilled or not, since many times it seems like our mistake and it is not.

Check if Instagram works

If tagging a person doesn’t work for us when we’ve just made a post, we should check if instagram is still active or there has been some kind of error and it does not work temporarily.

The app is not the best method, since it may seem that everything works and because it is pulling the cache of your phone. If any part does not work, it is best to go to Downdetector and check that the service is not down.

Without connection

We should check the network of our smartphone. If we are connected by WiFi, we will have to know if the router emits an Internet signal, since it may have wireless coverage, but not a network to navigate.

If you use your mobile network you should also be careful, because it may be that you do not have coverage or you have run out of data signal.

Once this is verified, we can continue with the following checks.

private account

If you tag someone whose account is private, Instagram won’t let you mention them in Stories, tag them in posts or comments, or anywhere else.

This is fixed if you send that person a friend request and they accept yousince being friends you will no longer have those problems and you will be able to tag her.

misspelled name

If you don’t write the @ symbol before the person’s nameInstagram won’t select that account, so it won’t let you tag it.

Therefore, it is something that you should not forget, taking into account that if you want to tag more than one, they must all have the @ in front of their name.

It’s also possible that the name itself is misspelled, so you should check to see if the error is coming from there.

Account deactivated or blocked

In the moment in which someone blocks you or deactivates their accountyou will no longer be able to mention it in any of your posts.

You should try to find out if his account is no longer active or look for signs that he has blocked you on Instagram.

many labels

It may be that you did not know that Instagram limit up to 20 peoplewhich can be tagged at the same time.

So if we try to exceed that number, you know why it won’t let you add more.

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New account

You should know that Instagram temporarily restrict new accounts to ensure they are not used for automation or spamming, to prevent abuse.

If your account is new and you can’t tag someone, everything will be marked by these restrictions that, as time goes by, will be removed.

The solutions

If from everything we have told you there is nothing that is the cause of this error, we can always carry out other types of actions to see if we can work with Instagram again as we did before.

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It may be that with these solutions we can get everything back to normal.

Clear cache on Android

Perhaps clearing the cache will remove old and junk files that are preventing the proper functioning of the application.

To do so, the steps are as follows:

  • click on Applications within Settings.
  • Go to the list of applications and in it look for Instagram.
  • Go inside and go to the option storage usage and then click on clear cache.

Clear cache on iOS

If you have an Apple terminal you can perform this action of clearing the cache in case it is the solution to your problems.

You just have to do the following:

  • Go to Settings on your phone, and then click General.
  • From there you should go to Storage of iPhone.
  • Now click on Instagram.

At that time we will have two options that we can do and of which we must know what its exact operation is.

Let’s see the two and so you can choose for yourself:

  • Download app: This option will remove the Instagram app, but will not clear the cache or other information stored on the phone. It’s the best thing to do if you decide to reinstall the app and keep all your data.
  • Delete app: This option deletes the app and other relevant app data, which means it’s best for clearing the cache. The problem is that you will also have to reinstall the application.

instagram update

The error may already be identified by Instagram and that with the update we have to installthe problem we had is solved.

For this reason it is so important to always have the latest version of any application installed on our smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

Sign out and back

In a good number of cases, logging out of the Instagram account in which there are difficulties can help correct errors.

What we must do is log out of instagram and then log back in to see if that has made everything work like before.

restart the phone

The error may come from something that has been mishandled within the smartphone itself, so a good idea would be to restart it

The applications will be restarted, therefore, there is a possibility that thanks to this step that we have done, the problem has been solved.

Reinstall Instagram

As a last option, it might be best to reinstall Instagram, since it seems that nothing can make it work.

If we have an Android device, to delete the app we must do the following:

  • We enter the Settings off the phone and let’s Applications.
  • Now we just have to find instagram and enter it.
  • In this new window you only have to click on uninstall and ready.
  • After that you enter Google Play Storesearch for Instagram and reinstall it.

If your phone is an iPhone, you will also be able to uninstall it and have it back on your smartphone. You just have to go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram. Once there, you must click on Delete app.

Then all you have to do is go to the appstore, search for Instagram and reinstall it on your device.

Contact Instagram

If all the problem continues, it is best to contact Instagram in the only two ways that you can, one of which can be excessively expensive by having to make an international call.

The two ways are:

You can also try it by sending a message to the Instagram account at Twitter or Facebook.

With everything we have told, we hope that the problem has been solved for you. You can tell us if this has been the case and how you have achieved it on our social networks.

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