Friday, May 27

“If you don’t defend yourself, you don’t deserve to be defended”

-You were a great columnist. You are a great columnist. Was getting into politics worth it?

-There are days that I think so and there are days that I think, but why was it worth it? I could not tell you.


-My most notable political change was to go not only from being on the left to being liberal, but to laugh at the motivations of the left.

-Being on the left.

-It is a sentimental overacting, a simulation of having an omni-explanatory theory of reality.

-Woke up.

-At 24 years old. All that generated antibodies in me and today I am a person incompatible with the mentality of the left. At the age of 25 I left the military in the PSC, but it had been a year since I had bought anything from him.

-They reproach you for these changes.

-I haven’t actually changed. My priority has always been to fight nationalism. When I enter the PSC it is because I think it does this, and when I see that it stops doing it, I leave. When I joined Alejo Vidal-Quadras’s PP it is because I was doing this, and when the PP turned into something else, I also left.


-I entered as an independent MEP in 2014. I returned to the militancy because Albert Rivera wanted me in the executive and had to be from the party.

-Who is now leading the confrontation with nationalism?

-Vox. But I will not go back to politics. And the great problem in Spain continues to be nationalism.

-Citizens it was populism.

-We had a genuine regeneration project in Spain. We appeal to the critical reason of the people, something that populisms do not do.

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– But it was a personalist party.

-He was inseparable from Albert. He went from staying alone in Parliament to having 57 deputies in Congress. Smart person? What else could it be? He did it freehand, he did it. Sentimentally, I leave when he leaves, but immediately time proves me right and the game is over.

-Citizens open a path in Catalonia, have great support, and then leave to go to Madrid.

-It is different what Albert did than that of Arrimadas. Albert spent 10 years in Parliament and then he went to Congress as a continuation. That did not have a penalty, and the 25 deputies of Inés in 2015, and the 36 with whom he wins the elections in 2017, are a reward for Albert’s 10 years.


-People distinguished Albert’s exciting project from Inés’s limited ambitions. What does it mean to be a hinge party in Spain? Any. We wanted to regenerate Spain and this had a profit in Catalonia, just as confronting nationalism had a profit in Spain.


-To those of us who have risked a lot to defend the rights of the Catalans in the face of exclusive nationalism, how do you think our face was left in February when the independentistas went to vote and the constitutionalists passed? If you don’t defend yourself, you don’t deserve to be defended.

-The PSC today.

-It is an equally nationalist party but more willing to deceive you. They say one thing in Barcelona and another in Madrid. A part of constitutionalism votes for them because there is a sociological left in Catalonia that can rebel against nationalism, but without attacking the great prejudice.

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-The right.

-Citizens won because he was not seen to be on the right. Anyway, Vox is on the right, but the PP is not.

-Why do you think that Vox is the only one who faces nationalism?

-Citizens, the last campaign he did was that of hugs, and the PP was the same, saying that we were all day ‘like a cat and a dog’.

-Little combative.

-Bad campaigns, without strategic sense. They fall into the nationalist vision of reality. What do we mean to hug, what do we mean by the dog and the cat? Here there was a coup, they were the ones who repealed the Constitution.

-Having ideology is a disgrace.

-You lose the rich diversity of the world to fit it into your grid, into your dogma. What happens with nationalism in Catalonia, happens with the left in Spain. They have the cultural hegemony. Just as voting for non-nationalist parties in Catalonia is considered bad Catalan, even today it is strange not to vote for the left in Spain.

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