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If you have gone too far with the French toast, these smart scales will help you overcome the bikini operation

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If you want to lose weight or simply control how much your body changes weight, these digital scales are very useful and also on sale.

If the excesses of Easter are already beginning to be noticed and you have just realized how little is left for summer, it is normal for you to panic over the dreaded operation bikini. If what you want is to control your weight in addition to a good diet and exercise, a digital scale will tell you how you are doing.

If you want a model to control your weight these are best digital scales that you can buy right now. There are cheap and simple ones, but also more advanced options.

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Not all scales are the same. Although all of them will give you the weight with variations of about 50 grams up or down, there are options that count with application to save a history of your weight.

Even the most advanced options with a handlebar with sensors to measure more characteristics of your body, because they not only measure weight, but also other details such as muscle mass, body water, muscle, BMR or even body age.

These are the best options in digital scales that you can buy right now.

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Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

In addition to body weight, Xiaomi’s Mi Body Composition Scale provides body composition statistics to create a realistic picture of your health and fitness. It is compatible with the Xiaomi health application.

My Body Composition Scale 2 it is possibly one of the best-selling smart digital scales thanks to being a product of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

It is a digital scale that uses 4 AA batteries with an autonomy of many months, measures 13 body composition metrics and even performs a balance test.

It measures 50 by 50 grams and among the metrics it detects are weight, body mass index, muscle mass, moisture content, protein content, visceral fat, body type and much more.

The best of all is that it is a scale connected by Bluetooth with a lot of information about your body and that it costs less than 20 euros in the Spanish Xiaomi Store.

realme Smart Scale

Digital scale with measurement of body fat, muscle and body composition with Bluetooth to synchronize with your application.

The well-known mobile brand realme has brought one of its products from its ecosystem to Spain. Is about realme Smart Scaleyour first scale with smart features .

This scale accurately measures 50 grams by 50 grams, a one-year battery and the measurement of 16 types of elements of your body such as weight, body fat level, basal metabolism, body age, muscle mass and many more.

It syncs with your app via Bluetooth to display a graph with the evolution of all these measurements. It is also quite cheap, it only costs 18.19 euros.

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With 8 sensors: Cecotec Surface Precision 10600 Smart Healty Pro

Cecotec Surface Precision 10600 Smart Health Pro

This Cecotec digital scale is not only an advanced option, but its value for money is not bad at all.

Cecotec Surface Precision 10600 Smart Health Pro It is a scale with 4 sensors at its base, but it also has a bar with precision sensors to obtain more reliable data about your body.

It has a total of 8 sensors to measure up to 15 basic parameters and supports a maximum weight of 180 kg. It also has a Bluetooth connection to synchronize with its application where it will show you your evolution and data of each metric.

You can buy it at Amazon for 42.90 euros or at Cecotec’s own store for 42.90 euros.

Connected and complete: Withings Body

Scale capable of automatically recognizing up to 8 people with BMI measurement and LCD screen with the last 8 weights of each user. Compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth to the Withings app.

For fans of measuring their body metrics and saving them digitally to be able to see the evolution of their body Withings Bodysuit It is one of the most interesting scales from a French brand especially focused on health and wellness.

It has an LCD screen where it not only shows the weight, but also the evolution in a basic graph, but quickly to know the change since the last time you weighed yourself.

It measures weight, body mass index, shows weight progress during your last 8 measurements and can even give you weather information. It has a pregnancy mode that will give you information about your weight. You can also weigh a baby in your arms or even a special measurement for athletes.

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Its price is 59.99 euros on Amazon, but you will find the best price at Macnificos where it costs 39.98 euros.

The cheapest: Rowenta Premiss BS1400

Rowenta Premium BS1400

The Rowenta Premiss BS1400 digital scale is a very cheap model that will give you your weight digitally without many more functions.

Accepts a maximum weight of 150 kilograms and measures 30 x 30 x 2 cm. It has a large LCD screen and its price is only 12.99 euros.

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