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If you measure your blood pressure daily, this smart blood pressure monitor can help you a lot, and even does electrocardiograms

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Technological gadgets have more and more to do with health, even for people who may never have thought of them as a good option to control some values, such as blood pressure.

Taking blood pressure or measuring blood sugar is something that millions of people do every day in their own home, on a regular basis. It is the reason why technological brands want to enter this sector, in which they can help a lot.

The first smartwatches that measure the level of blood sugar are about to arrive. There are already those that measure oxygen and also perform electrocardiograms, although if what you are looking for is a gadget that measures blood pressure accurately, the Withings BPM Core is what you are looking for.

It is sold by Amazon, which has also lowered it to only 199 euros temporarily. It is a smart blood pressure monitor with ECG function and digital stethoscope, which not only measures blood pressure, but also sends it to its application and from there, if you choose, to your doctor.

This smart blood pressure monitor with app has electrocardiograms and also a digital stethoscope, with the option to share the results with your doctor.

It is just one of its many functions, since as we have mentioned goes much further than a conventional blood pressure monitor thanks to electrocardiogramswhich are surely much more precise than what a simple smart watch can do.

With all this, it can help you identify potential heart problems before it’s too late, so the 199 euros it costs is a small investment in exchange for how much it can give you, especially if you already have hypertension problems.

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Withings is a technology brand that sells, for example, smart watches and bracelets, as well as other accessories that serve to measure the quality of sleep very precisely. All of this clearly and clearly focused on health.

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In this case, your blood pressure monitor it can, for example, detect heart valve problemssomething that needs surgical intervention before it is too late.

Runs on battery though With a full charge you can have more than six months of autonomy of autonomyenough so that you don’t have to worry too much, even if you have to take it with you on a trip or on vacation.

Shipping, as is common on Amazon, is free whether or not you have a Prime account, although if you have it you will receive your purchase in just 24 hours at home, a real luxury. If not, the best thing is to take advantage now to sign up for the free trial month with no commitment to stay, which among other things also gives you access to the catalog of Prime Video series or songs from Prime Music.

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