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If you prefer the iPhone 13, it is now much cheaper with a discount of almost 100 euros

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Luckily for Apple users, there are stores that have the iPhone 13 and at a reduced price.

Apple renews its mobile catalog every year, usually with a discount included for the previous model, something that has not happened in this 2022, and that is that they have presented the new iPhone 14 without lowering the price of the iPhone 13, at least officially.

The explanation is simply that the new models are more expensive than last year’s, so without having to move a millimeter, the iPhone 13 is still cheaper at the official price. The good part is that although there are no offers in the Apple Store, there are in other stores.

That’s why now you can buy something cheaper than normal on iPhone 13 in several of its colors and with 256 GB of capacity. It is sold by Media Markt for 935 euros, almost 100 euros below the official RRP. Amazon also has the same price, so you simply have to choose which store you prefer.

iPhone 13

In the case of Media Markt, the discount applies to exactly the same price in all colors except green, which only costs 10 euros more. The good news is that you can pick it up at any of their physical stores.

In his analysis and in our experience testing the iPhone 13, it can be said that everything has gone smoothly, especially in performance with the Apple A15 Bionic, but also because of its battery life, the quality of the screen and the design.

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well it is true that there is a new model for sale, but it costs practically 200 euros more and, in addition to the Dynamic Island, it has few important novelties that justify the change if you have an iPhone 13 within reach.

The offers also allow you to have not only 128 GB of capacity, which is what the base models have, but 256 GB. If you like to record photos or videos and you don’t want to go through the box with an iCloud subscription, it never hurts to have those extra GB.

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Much cheaper than the iPhone Pro, Plus and the iPhone 14

As we have already mentioned, the price difference compared to the new editions of the iPhone is quite remarkable. For example, the iPhone 14 costs exactly 1,009 euros, while the Plus model goes up to 1,289 euros.

It is a very big jump, especially if you have a more or less tight budget, and more so knowing that the new features of the iPhone 14 and its older brothers do not substantially modify the user experience, as we have also seen first-hand.

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