Sunday, June 13

Iglesias and Ayuso face the dead of the pandemic

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during the debate.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during the debate.

The six candidates for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid in the elections of next May 4 They have started the debate this Wednesday with 30 seconds each in which they have been able to present themselves to the voters, and in which the keywords have been Covid, freedom, menas and future.

The candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, was the first to speak and addressed the workers, whom he reminded that the 4th is a working day and that “they have the right to paid leave of up to 4 hours to be able to vote”. In this sense, he has indicated that “if any of the bosses does not want to, it could be an electoral crime.”

In addition, it has announced that A query box will be opened in which to advise everyone who needs it. “The vote cost a lot, that nobody thinks that it can be robbed”, has sent.

Next, the Vox candidate, Rocío Monasterio, has started her intervention by criticizing the measures adopted against the pandemic, which in her opinion have been based on “restrict freedoms, arbitrary curfew”.

He has made mention of the controversy of the announcement about foreign minors in Sol, and has made ugly that “everyone is outraged when it is said that an ore costs 4,700 euros per month”, and everything, he added “while the people of Madrid were locked up without being able to work, without being able to see their loved ones and without being able to bury their dead”.

The third candidate to intervene was Mónica García, from Más Madrid, whose first words have been for “lfamily and friends of Covid victims“as well as” to all those who fight “against this pandemic.

“I am Mónica García, a doctor at the Hospital 12 de Octubre, mother,” she introduced herself to the audience. His last words have been to ask the PP candidate and president of the Community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, to “remove the insults to the hungry people in the Community.”

For its part, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has alluded to the “very difficult” moments that the people of Madrid have had to suffer from the pandemic. “We have lost loved ones, and now the future of the Community is at stake and that they change our model through the back door,” he warned.

On the other hand, he explained that he called regional elections so that “it is the people of Madrid who decide how they want to live.” “I have decided to treat them as adults,” he stressed. In addition, he has appealed to the “force” necessary “to govern in freedom and that the Assembly does not stop the measures that we will need to move forward after this year of so much pain.”

The socialist candidate, Angel Gabilondo, has criticized that the PP has governed the region for 26 years “weakening public services”. He also recalled the tragedy experienced in the homes of the elderly in the pandemic, something that, he pointed out “is not management, it is ideology.”

On May 4, we do not choose with whom we have a drink, but who is prepared to lead the recovery“, defended Gabilondo, who has appealed to the need for a” serious and progressive “government.

Finally, the Citizens’ candidate, Edmundo Bal, has drawn polls, and has indicated that “the ‘pack’ of Gabilondo and Iglesias will not govern” and therefore “there will not be a photocopy in Madrid of the central government.”

Thus, he pointed out, it will be the Madrilenians who will decide whether Cs or Vox is in this regional Executive, and has valued the “experience” of Citizens against the “experiment” that the formation of Santiago Abascal supposes.

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