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Iglesias celebrates his strategic victory as the first step towards a republic that will arrive “sooner rather than later”




Pablo Iglesias savor your strategic victory. The second vice president of the Government met this morning with the Confederal Council of United We Can to assess the political situation that opens after the approval of the General State Budgets. And the first thing the Podemos leader has done in this meeting with his electoral allies, IU and En Comú Podem, has been to show his chest. To value that the current moment “is defined by the success of the approaches that UP has been defending for years.”

From the point of view of United We Can, the alliance with the pro-independence and nationalist forces “prefigures a country project”, as opposed to “the idea of ​​a centralist, uniform and neoliberal state” and for the benefit of a political agenda that “is by definition republican ”. Iglesias has addressed the young people of the organizations that make up United We Can to urge them to “advance” towards that republican horizon: “it is a task for you,” he said, commissioning them to work to “build a new identity” that moves towards “a a new republic that we have to build ”and that“ will come sooner rather than later ”.

Iglesias has referred that his position in the Government “is modest”, but has linked his presence in the Council of Ministers to a management of the crisis “very different” from the way in which that of 2008 was approached. The second vice president has been referring to the increase in the SMI, the ERTE or the Minimum Vital Income, despite the deficiencies in its operation, the commitment to regulate rental prices and the recent agreement to approve a decree to prevent evictions without a housing alternative. An agreement that will stick as long as the state of alarm lasts, but that will not remain there if it depends on Podemos: “And then of course we will continue discussing.”

Iglesias has downplayed the differences within government. On the contrary, he has come to defend that progress is being made in the idea of ​​“consolidating a culture of coalition”. The leader of Podemos has assured that these tensions “are good because they produce positive results”, understanding from his theoretical approach that “social conflicts are the historical engine.” As he did a few days ago in Palma in an informal conversation with the press, Iglesias has come to anticipate that they will continue to take place: “if the discussions serve to regulate the rental price or evictions, welcome those discussions and hopefully there will be many more.”

The political space of Unidos Podemos, which is moving towards a cold fusion organically based on the different organizations that compose it, celebrates this moment because politically it has “an enormous political depth,” in the words of the IU leader and Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón. Iglesias has achieved with this coalition government and definitely with the Budget vote that it has been incorporated into the pro-independence, nationalist and regionalist parties. And today he wanted to remember that this is his thesis since he made the leap to politics: “It is the parliamentary majority for whom some of us have worked hard the last seven years”Iglesias said, recalling that this pulse has caused “a crisis in our political space due to the enormous resistance produced by forming that majority.”

Iglesias is aware that his margin of action is limited, but he also knows that the current electoral map leaves few alternatives for the PSOE. These months he has insisted on closing the way of an understanding that would include Citizens, aware that in the future an alternative ally for the PSOE could be being enabled that would make United We Can be expendable. Iglesias now celebrates his victory over the sectors on the left, in the PSOE but also within Podemos, which at some point showed their willingness to understand with Ciudadanos. «This majority has existed since December 2015, since the first general elections to which Podemos was presented. They have had to spend 5 years, several electoral repetitions, splits in Podemos and multiple attempts to force our political space to endorse a governance bloc that we could define as a ‘great neoliberal center’, with Citizens, always with Citizens, to guarantee that the state of things in Spain will change as little as possible ». Iglesias recalled: “We have to be proud of the perseverance of this political space for having opted for being in the Government and for having been able to build a progressive and plurinational majority that is called to become a majority of the legislature and the State leadership” .

Iglesias has once again charged against the right wing, predicting that they will be “away from the government for a long time.” And at this point he has once again charged the PP for “blocking” the CGPJ, which, he said, “places it outside democracy.” Iglesias has claimed that both United Podemos and Bildu or ERC “have the right” to participate in the new organization of the judiciary.

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