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Iglesias complains against a retired colonel for accusing him of a crime of treason

Pablo Iglesias, in the Congress of Deputies.

Pablo Iglesias, in the Congress of Deputies.

The second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has sued against a retired Army colonel who accused him of endangering national security by favoring the interests of third countries such as Venezuela, Iran or Morocco and provide them with classified information, which would constitute a crime of treason.

Iglesias has chosen to present this complaint, to which EFE has had access, after it was held on November 3 an act of conciliation in which the now defendant, DCL, “despite acknowledging that the articles and interventions on television are true, considered that it is not true that they involve insults or slander of any kind.”

However, Iglesias’ lawyers believe “unquestionably” that his claims constituted “a clear and forceful attribution“to Iglesias” of concrete facts constituting extremely serious crimes, which not only damage your honor and personal and political image, but as a member of the government of Spain“.

“We are not facing a criticism of his political performance or as a member of the government, but rather he is accused of working for foreign powers (which would constitute a crime of treason), of providing classified information to third countries, either in a willful or reckless (crime of revealing secrets related to national defense), of having links with drug trafficking, international terrorism and money laundering “.

All this, the complaint adds, leads the defendant to denounce that the presence of Churches in the government “is dangerous for national security”.

“There can be no more serious attack on the moral integrity of a ruler than to affirm that he works for foreign powers; especially when it comes from a person whose status as a military and former member of CESID endows him with an aura of ethics and credibility that makes presume that their statements are true “, highlights the letter.

The fact, in addition to being made public and with “a very important” dissemination, contributes “to further impairment of honor and reputation“of Iglesias.

In this way, they understand that the articles published by the defendant in digital media or their interventions in YouTube television programs are not protected by freedom of expression and they would constitute a crime of slander with reckless contempt for the truth, or, in any case of insults.

This is so, they argue, because the defendant accuses Iglesias of criminal acts “of whose absolute falsehood he has perfect knowledge, as evidenced by the fact that, if they were really true and were verified, as he claims, he would have placed the evidence in the hands of the competent authorities. Especially taking into account the danger that, according to invokes, runs national security ”

In one of the articles that is the subject of the complaint, the retired colonel assured, citing a Colombian journalist, that Iglesias, Juan Carlos Wallet and the former president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, “They have collected money from embezzlement and the Venezuelan drug dealer“since 2005.

He also said that the leader of Podemos provided false passports to Hezbollah terrorists, who was also going to provide them to Delcy Rodriguez, and that he collaborated “in the flight of Pablo Romero, Intelligence chief with Correa, and claimed by Interpol. ”

The defendant also goes on to attribute to the one who was an assistant to Iglesias when he was an MEP in Strasbourg, Dina Bousselham, the status of “spy for Morocco”, to conclude: “the links with drug trafficking, terrorism and the Moroccan interests of a member of the Council of Ministers, seriously affect national security, and negatively affect the efficiency and image of the Ministry of Defense and the CNI, institutions in charge of protecting it. ”

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