Thursday, April 15

Iglesias justifies the violence against Vox during his rally in Vallecas



The former vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has come out in defense of the violent ones who yesterday attacked the leaders and attendees of the Vox rally. In a video posted on his Twitter account, the United We Can candidate has offered his particular version of what happened at the Vox event in Vallecas. In his opinion, “the extreme right-wing of Vox organized a rally in Red Square with the aim, absolutely deliberate and evident, to provoke altercations in the neighborhood. Everyone knows what they were going for: they insult the neighbors, threaten them, throw objects at them. In the networks are all the videos for those who want to see it ».

He then continues his story, underlining that “when they see that it does not work and that they were not going to get what they were looking for, Abascal, from the rostrum, says to get them and, surrounded by his thugs, pushes the police cordon off, causing a charge that leaves several journalists beaten. There is also some glorious image of the ultra Miguel Frontera, who has a restraining order for harassing my family, taking a selfie with an official of the police intervention units.

Iglesias affirms that “what Vox did yesterday is not new, it is the usual strategy of the extreme right. If something like this happened in another country in Europe, no one would think of saying that the good guys are the ultras and the bad guys are the neighbors who reject fascism. However, here, the official story on all televisions is that Vox has the right to go to provoke violence wherever it wants and that the problem is the residents of Vallecas. The world upside down”.

The former vice president of Pedro Sánchez maintains that “the whitewashing of racism, machismo and homophobia and hatred that we are seeing in many media it poses an immense danger to democracy, and this must be said that way. It is becoming normal for a party to say that it wants to deport Spaniards for being black, that it openly vindicates the dictatorship and that, when some soldiers say they want to shoot 26 million Spaniards for being red, they say that they are their people and that they circulate and that nothing happens here”.

Finally, he launched a dart against the president of the Community of Madrid, stating that “it is also becoming normal that I can say that fascism is the good side of history, well, no, the correct side of history is the side in which there are the residents of Vallecas and this should be understood by any democrat. And here there should be no nuance or any equidistance. We cannot forget something: that in Europe it does not admit discussion, because it is at the base of the construction of our democracies. Fascism is not a respectable option, racism is not a respectable option, homophobia is not a respectable option, machismo is not and rejecting all this is not only legitimate, but a duty for any democrat because being anti-fascists is a matter of minimum democratic ethics ».

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