Saturday, May 21

Iglesias opens up not to lead a possible coalition with Más Madrid

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, will hold a conversation this Tuesday with the chief executive, Pedro Sanchez, in which he aspires that the PSOE and United We Can “distribute the papers” to win the Community of Madrid, and has been open to not head the candidacy if there was a pact with Más Madrid.

“If we are able to unite the transforming left and distribute the roles, we will be able to stop the extreme right. That will be good news not only for the people of Madrid, but for all the democrats in Spain,” Iglesias said in an interview on La Sexta After announcing this Monday that he will leave the Government to confront the Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Iglesias has assured that Sánchez, who was informed this Monday morning of his decision, “is clear” that both parties must “win Madrid” together and that is why he has asked that the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, go out and seek the votes of those who have previously voted for the PP or Citizens while United We can mobilize the left.

He has also explained that he will not leave the second vice presidency until the electoral campaign because he wants to dedicate these weeks to “becoming a reality” the commitment to regulate the price of rent in the Housing Law that negotiates with the PSOE and has recognized that ” It hurts “to leave the government but, as a militant, he feels that he must be where he is most useful.

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He acknowledged that these days other candidate options were put on the table, including the names of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, or the secretary general of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, but has assured that “the collective decision” was that he took the step, and not the others.

Regarding the coalition government, he said that “its continuity is guaranteed” and that he believes that “they can do it better” than him, as well as the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, such as the one who will be Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra.

“We are very stubborn when it comes to compliance with what we agreed on in the coalition agreement. Yolanda (Díaz) is just as stubborn or more than me,” he has guaranteed in reference to the demands of his PSOE partners.

What’s more, Iglesias has revealed that he liked “the tone” of the More Madrid candidate, Mónica García, With whom he said he will have a longer conversation between tonight and tomorrow.

Although he admits that differences will be difficult to leave behind, he has said that the scars and wounds of the past fade when the goal is to build a “decent” government.

Let’s do some primaries and that the registered and registered of Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Más Madrid decide the list from first to last. That cannot be an excuse for not building that unity, “Iglesias answered, asked if he would give up the first position of the candidacy to the party of his former number two, Íñigo Errejón.

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Iglesias has also assured that he goes to the elections to win, to convince the people of Madrid that there is an alternative to Isabel Díaz Ayuso and to defend democracy against the extreme right and against those who believe that being a communist is an insult.

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