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Iglesias reserves a “discreet role” in the dialogue with the PSOE

The United We Can candidate for the presidency of Madrid

The United We Can candidate for the presidency of Madrid

The secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, assured this Tuesday that the third vice president, Yolanda Diaz, will lead the presence of United We Can in the government Meanwhile he will play a “more discreet” role in dialogue with the socialists.

The less you see what you are doing, the better“, has assured the former second vice president of the Government and candidate for the Community of Madrid in an interview on ‘Antena 3’ in reference to how the relationship with the PSOE will be to carry out the coalition agreements.

Iglesias has hinted that it will be the third vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy who will lead the public presence of United We Can in the Government, while he will play a role in discrete role that he will try to make it – he said – as effective as possible. With Sánchez, he explained, maintains a “cordial relationship” as general secretaries of their respective parties and also of “trust and frankness”. “We think differently but we have worked together in a difficult context and that creates a situation of trust,” he said.

He has categorically rejected the hypothesis that the elections will be anticipated: “There will be no electoral advance, for sure“, has guaranteed Iglesias, who predicts” a coalition government for a long time. ”

He has also been convinced that the housing law will go ahead with maximum rental prices in stressed areas because it was contained in the government agreement that Sánchez and he signed, so much of Sánchez’s parliamentary partners want it, and the president, moreover, “cannot allow” that this law get ahead with the PP instead of with the partners, he has opined.

The leader of Podemos has defended that thanks to his departure from the Government to be the candidate of the purple formation to the Community of Madrid “you begin to see the possibility that the left adds“And he has avoided responding to the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, who refuses to govern with him. In his opinion,” it is clear “that if the left adds up and a government program for Madrid has to be drawn up, it will be necessary to” comply “with the Constitution. in the “redistribution of the tax system”, so that those who have more work with their taxes “a little more”. “A left-wing government has to bet on public education and this is not debatable, it is so“, has added.

Regarding the pre-campaign act that Vox wants to carry out in the Madrid district of Vallecas and that does not have municipal permission, it has said that the formation of Santiago Abascal is carrying out the greatest threat to Spanish democracy and makes an open defense of “street vandalism.” “They are going to do what the extreme right does: attack democracy, say that Vallecas is a multicultural dunghill or that a person fleeing poverty as we all would do is a criminal,” said Iglesias, who denies that Vox’s speech is penetrating the working-class neighborhoods.

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