Sunday, March 26

Ignacio Camacho: In the company of orcs



If they insist on one direction, the rest of us will have to insist on the opposite. They are the tardoetarras, the orcs of the Batasuno world emboldened by the sanchista whitewash, the former accomplices – in some cases even authors – of the spilled blood. And the rest of us are the vast majority, the citizens of the attacked nation, the constitutional Spain in whose name the suffering of the victims cries out. As many times as poster-terrorism tries to impose its twisted narrative, it will be imperative to go out and disprove it. Because that story tries to triumph by the abandonment of the adversary and it will succeed if society gives in to forgetfulness, comfort, fainting, disinterest or exhaustion. If you forget that the legacy of violence poses a threat

for the democratic project. If you succumb to Barabbas syndrome and settle for the new Pilate’s release the murderers early.

So the marches this weekend must be described without qualms as what they are, an infamy. And since many people participated in them, a massive infamy, a living and semi-moving image – in a literal sense, that moves by itself – of the moral virus that infects a significant part of the Basque community. As was the call to support Parot on New Year’s Eve, as have been the ‘ongi etorris’ and will be all acts that extol criminals or excuse their misdeeds in any way. As is the solidarity of the Catalan independentistas, the unions and the extreme left. And as is also being the approach to Bildu of a PSOE willing to embezzle the sacrifice of its own dead by politically pardoning those who at least applauded it and welcoming them as honorable members of the ‘progress bloc’. This last case is more deplorable if possible because it is an unnecessary effort, a whim that does not even fit the pragmatism of power, much less the reason of State. The president did not need those votes; He has rented them out of whim, out of arrogance, out of resentment at their growing rejection. And he has given the dignity of the Executive, of the institutions and of his party in exchange.

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Nobody doubts that, as Pablo Iglesias advanced, Bildu has been integrated into the ruling alliance for all intents and purposes. Nor that the prisoners will enjoy permits – they can already request them – and grade progression not too late, with little more procedure than signing a form of acceptance of the prison regulations. They also know it, although they continue to press on the street to make it happen as soon as possible. Sánchez lied in 2019 but now it is not possible to ignore that the rehabilitation of ETA’s inheritance is part of the balance with which he will face the next electoral appointments. And that incontestable certainty calls on the moral responsibility of their future voters.

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