Friday, January 28

Ignacio Camacho: The constitutional hare



The speed with which the Government has discarded its own idea of ​​modifying the Constitution – after an indiscretion by Iván Redondo in the week of the compromising indiscretions – has not succeeded in preventing the political artifact from being exposed, seen and unseen for a few days. designed in a laboratory in La Moncloa. The retractable movement makes the banality with which the maneuver has been planned suspicious. When the president creates a party secretariat in charge of reform and puts his trusted man, Bolaños, in charge, it is because there is a project cooking in the shadows. And even if the minister spokesperson came out later to say that it was a mere probe balloon, deflated due to lack of consensus,

take note. Neither this type of thing is released as a joke, nor is Sánchez fond of theoretical speculation.

It is known by Redondo, the valid rejected, that the plan was based on a memorandum called “35 percent target.” The title already gives an idea of ​​the exclusively electoral intention of the sketch, which proposed, or proposes, to call a referendum in advance. In other words, a hare, a campaign framework to divert the debate on Sánchez’s management by setting up a consultation that would have the support of various nationalisms and Catalan separatists. A trick with which the government coalition could reach the next generals by championing an initiative that would prevent it from facing its obvious wear and tear. And incidentally a trap to drag an artificial controversy to the right with enough force and capacity to destabilize its advantage in the polls. If the voting decision factor in 2023 is the economy, the pending catharsis of the pandemic or the verdict on the left-wing alliance, sanchismo will have little defense. On the other hand, if it is a constituent process, there would be some possibility of reversing the current trend.

Note that the matter is raised from its very name under the sole perspective of tactical calculation. That nothing less than the legal basis of the State, its institutional architecture, is subject to the aspiration to renew the mandate of a prematurely scorched Executive. That is the basis of the document that Bolaños now has in his hands, pending the boss’s decision to proceed or file it. Sánchez knows that without the PP any attempt to reform the Magna Carta is unfeasible, but it is not about that but about altering the course of events that lead him to a hopeless defeat. And if you see your continuity at risk, it will be difficult for you to resist the temptation to open the box of thunder to get out of trouble. He has the allies, the audacity and the propaganda resources to launch himself into a leap into the void. And he has never given the slightest indication that the stability of the system matters the least to him.

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