Monday, November 29

Ignacio Camacho: The severed wings



Well, nothing, that they stay with their airport as it was and those 1,700 million go to other areas where they are needed and where they are received better and with more enthusiasm. This could well be the reaction – it is in fact -, if you want visceral or primary, of a good part of a Spain to which the troubles of the Catalan independence movement and its allies / rivals on the extreme left have more than enough. Outside of this self-absorbed microworld, the repudiation of an investment that its own leaders demanded in order to compete with Barajas is surreal. But Sánchez will give them the money anyway, because he is not about to deny them anything, and they will end up spending it on what really matters to them,

which are identity politics. The issue of El Prat and the ducklings of La Ricarda will help them today to warm up the icy atmosphere of a Diada that they could not enliven with the traditional fiery independence, amnesty and other noisemakers. They want to fly alone and literally clip their wings.

Regarding that industrial bourgeoisie, financier of the ‘procès’, who applauded the president when he went to announce the pardons and asked him for gestures to defuse the fictitious conflict and promote a rapprochement (to their pockets), they will have to go and complain to the master gunsmith, that is very close to him and he is the one who has left her with her shame exposed, ruining her most beloved strategic project. This time they will not be able to blame Madrid because it is theirs who have broken the agreement. The government has limited itself to taking advantage of the separatist rift to distance itself from a situation that was causing it political discomfort; On the eve of a meeting of the bilateral ‘table’ without many guarantees and with Yolanda Díaz rowing in the opposite direction, there is no sanchismo to take on added difficulties. The parliamentary alliance with ERC is firm but it is convenient for both to pretend to be out of tune. The negotiation of the Budgets will come – or the table itself, which could thus sell an effective function – to arrange the family discussion.

To the rest of the country this umpteenth debate of weeping sovereignty only produces boredom, tiredness of that eternally dissatisfied victimhood. And a certain amazement to see the contempt with which the Catalan leaders allow themselves to reject what the majority of Spaniards consider a privilege treatment compared to territories that have been waiting for basic infrastructures for a long time without the slightest success. What are the citizens of Extremadura thinking, for example, who only demand a simple electric train whose construction is delayed in a perpetual collapse. The nation’s problems run aground before an inept Executive supported by a group of rioters unable to understand each other even to activate their own progress. It is not irritation that they generate, nor disaffection. It is a thick feeling of boredom.

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