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Ignacio Camacho: Very regrettable



A week after the scandal of Garzón’s statements, Sánchez says he is “very sorry” for the controversy. Dozens of advisers must have worked to refine the term with which to distinguish themselves from the minister through an indirect, oblique, generic disavowal … and evasion. Because however regrettable the matter may be, especially for cattle ranchers, a president does not regret, not even in a superlative degree, the folly of a member of his Government: either he disapproves of it with a dismissal or he exonerates it with an endorsement. No middle terms. Ábalos, according to the unofficial version, was dismissed for reasons related to his private life, which evidently seemed reprehensible enough to do without his services (or to pretend that he did so for that reason). The

Garzón’s gaffe has been public and affects a productive sector whose interests he is obliged to protect, if necessary by correcting possible deficiencies instead of limiting himself to denouncing them as a press commentator. He has made a serious mistake – regrettable, yes – which is also not the first and there is only one credible way in which he or his hierarchical superior can clarify responsibilities.

The problem is that Sánchez is the minister’s superior, but not his boss. He has not named him and therefore cannot dismiss him, not at least without putting the stability of the coalition with Podemos at risk. To Subirats, the substitute for Castells in the portfolio of Universities, was Ada Colau !! who communicated his appointment. Garzón was appointed by Iglesias, after pressure from the interested party to demand his share of power on behalf of Izquierda Unida, and now the only one in a position to remove him from office is Yolanda Díaz, who has also adopted an elusive attitude towards the issue. It is assembling its own electoral platform and does not want conflicts with the different factions on which it has to rely, especially with a ‘late pablism’ cast in compact self-defense as a pure reflection of sectarian cohesion. The radical left has forbidden itself to step back or grant a rectification interpretable as defeat. It has its logic: he who considers himself on the right side of history will never admit that he is wrong.

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As it is, the protagonist of the mess reaffirms what has been said. He feels armored and blames to continue in his position throughout the legislature. At the end of the day, Podemos has assumed its inanity in Castilla y León, so the pagan of the bill will be the Socialist Party. A piece of paper for the sticky Bonaparte who remains as a mediated leader of a Cabinet of cohabitation with no other way out than to vaguely deplore the impasse into which a subordinate has put him. Now he doesn’t have Redondo to cover the fire with another fire. And all the polls predict that their candidate will be served ‘to the point’ on the grid on February 13.

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