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Recovery must respond to the economic and social challenges that have emerged with the pandemic. The second edition of the EXPANSIN INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC FORUM will address these challenges on June 8 and 9.

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The EXPANSIN INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC FORUM will hold its second edition on June 8 and 9 with an eye toward recovering from the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic. The event, organized in collaboration with thethink tankinternational The European House Ambrosetti, will be held in Alcal de Henares under the mottoBuilding a sustainable world for the new generations.

After a devastating 2020, this year has started with optimistic expectations for the end of the crisis thanks to the progress in the vaccination process. The economies of China and the United States are recovering their dynamism and governments around the world are beginning to reap the sown after the unprecedented effort they have made to avoid the collapse of their economies.

The path that opens before the world this year is brighter, although not without great challenges such as those represented, for example, the global commitment to sustainability or the rapid digitization process that society is experiencing.

In order to analyze all the aspects of this new political, economic and social context, the II INTERNATIONAL EXPANSIN ECONMIC FORUM will have the participation of first-rate national and international speakers.

The event will start on Tuesday, June 8 at noon. After the opening ceremony, the first roundtable will begin, in which geopolitical relations in the post-pandemic world will be analyzed.

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The world’s two largest economies, the United States and China, are rapidly recovering from the economic debacle that Covid-19 has brought. However, both powers maintain their diplomatic and commercial confrontation, with the struggle for technological leadership as a backdrop. On the other hand, under the presidency of Joe BidenThe United States must define how it wants to manage its relations with the European Union, which, in turn, seeks a way to strengthen its position and influence on the geopolitical board.

The second roundtable will analyze the relations between Spain and Latin America that have been, are and will be one of the key points on its international agenda. The speakers will reflect on the path that Ibero-American cooperation policies should follow in a complicated political context for many countries in the region. The Latin American economy has suffered its worst contraction in two hundred years, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the poverty rate that has fueled the discontent of many citizens.

On Tuesday night an institutional dinner will be held; And on Wednesday the 9th, in the morning, the second day of the Forum will begin with the analysis of the transversal role that digitization and sustainability are going to play in the economic recovery and the way in which both factors are revolutionizing the business environment. The morning table will revolve around tourism, one of the sectors hardest hit by the crisis and whose recovery is vital for Spain. The speakers will analyze the current situation of the industry and its recovery forecasts; They will also reflect on what travel will be like in the future.

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After lunch there will be two more discussions. The first is to address the pandemic from a health perspective and assess how the international response has been in this area.

The Forum, sponsored by IAG Iberia, Unicaja, EY, Santander, Sanitas, Abertis, Comunidad de Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Alcal, HP, Tendam and Naturgy, and in collaboration with Universidad de Alcal, will conclude with a final debate on the future of the finances; a sector increasingly oriented towards sustainability and responsible investment and which must face the challenges posed by new technologies.

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