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Ikea cabinets | Three cabinets ideal for a children’s room

Ikea cabinets | Different options and styles for a children’s room

The room of the smallest of the house always brings us a bit of head. First you have to put the crib, then the bed, find space for a table and then for a proper desk … But we must also find the right way to store all your things, therefore, have the wardrobe ideal is also an important task.

On Ikea you can find different solutions but these are the most popular with your customers. These three cabinets will solve your storage problems. In addition, they are of three completely different styles so you can find the option that best suits the room.

Cheap children’s wardrobes at Ikea

The first proposal is the Taste. This white cabinet has simple lines and is a good solution for those looking for a lot of storage space. It has a rail and shelves to store clothes on hangers or folded and the depth of the cabinet allows large hangers to be used.

It has measures of 80x50x187 centimeters and costs 99 euros. On the web it is noted that the surfaces of this line of furniture are non-toxic and the edges and corners are rounded. In the comments they highlight the practicality due to its spacious interior and the ease of assembly.

Ikea cabinets | This wardrobe for a children’s room has rounded edges IKEA SPAIN

If you are looking for a children’s wardrobe with a slightly more classic style, the Sundvik it is a very elegant option. It has simple and straight lines so that the passage of time does not affect it. They also fit large hangers and their measurements are 80x50x171 centimeters and it costs 169 euros.

The doors close smoothly and silently thanks to the shock absorber and it is recommended to fix it to the wall to eliminate the risk of tipping over.

Ikea cabinets | A wardrobe with more classic lines IKEA SPAIN

Finally we have the narrowest option of the three: the Godishus. It has measures of 60x51x178 centimeters and costs 69 euros. You can distribute the clothes rail and the shelf as you prefer to save space and improve the distribution.

The doorknobs are customizable with colored stickers that you can also write with chalk on. It must also be anchored to the wall.

Ikea cabinets | The simplest option for a children’s room IKEA SPAIN

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