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Ikea curtains | These curtains will help you save money and sleep better

Ikea curtains | Opaque sheers will help you save on your electricity bill

They seem like a simple decorative element, but they are not only that, they are much more. The curtains can change any environment of a stay from your house but they can also help you save money.

You ask, but how? Well, very easy. The curtains opaque will help you better maintain the temperature of your home. If it were a day with a lot of sun, they will help you so that they do not heat up excessively in your house. And in winter they can avoid you some air stream of the outside. So with the curtains you can save both on heating and air conditioning and that, without a doubt, will affect your pocket.

In the same way, they will serve you as an excellent insulator with respect to light. With an blackout curtain you will be able to increase the privacy of your home but also prevent light from entering when you go to sleep. If you do not have blinds or if you are one of those who prefer to sleep with them up, these curtains are ideal for you. They will take the light, for example, from a streetlight or the sun, that day when you do not want to get up early.

Cheap Blackout Curtains at Leroy Merlin

In the blackout curtains section of the Swedish giant you have a Bengta for 15 euros. You have this polyester curtain in blue, gray and light green and it is characterized by being very wide (it measures 210×300 centimeters) but you can cut it to the size of the window without having to sew the hem or finish it off. It comes prepared so that you can put some hooks on it and you can create folds and you can hang the curtain directly from a rod.

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Ikea curtains | With the opaque sheers you will be able to save on the electricity bill IKEA SPAIN

If flowers are your thing, the Ronsmott can be your curtain. It is black with a flower and polyester pattern. Its measurement is 145×300 centimeters and it costs 49 euros.

Ikea curtains | The floral pattern can also be very cozy IKEA SPAIN

Finally, we bring you a beautiful dark turquoise curtain. Two curtains come in the packaging, each measuring 145×300 centimeters. If you want to cut them it will not be necessary for things, you can use the strip to tuck the hem. They are priced at 49 euros.

Ikea curtains | The curtains will also help you reduce the light and be able to sleep better IKEA SPAIN

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