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Ikea Offers | 12 discounted and very useful products for one euro (or less)

Ikea never ceases to amaze us. We already knew that the prices that the Swedish multinational offers us on many occasions are outrageous, but now we have found in its Offers section about twenty items for one euro (and sometimes less) that will surprise you.

Not only because of its price, but also because it is about products that can be very useful and that if you do not have it, it is a great opportunity to get hold of them. They are items for your day to day, not a whim, products that you need at home. We have made a selection of those that you may need, and all with a common denominator: their price.

Ikea discounted items for the kitchen

We start with the kitchen because it is where we have found more items of this type. We start with the one liter glass jug Carafe. Simple and elegant that you can use to serve a drink or use as a vase (the first option convinces us more) for one euro. You can serve the drinks in a cup Stelna 23 cl of tempered glass, ideal for infusions (0.50 euros).

We continue with the simple kitchen towel Hildegun 45×60 centimeters of cotton that is essential in any kitchen (0.50 euros).

Ikea offers | These three discounted items cost no more than one euro IKEA SPAIN

To serve your salads or larger dishes you can get the source Most often in white. With simple lines, it has a diameter of 23 centimeters. If when you finish eating you need to keep the food in the fridge you have three cans Bargain with a yellow lid with a 0.6 liter capacity for one euro.

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Other kitchen utensils are the utensil tray Support to have your cutlery well organized (1 euro), and three scouring pads Preppring with cloth cover also for one euro three units.

Ikea Offers | Two essential products for your bathroom IKEA SPAIN

Ikea discounted bathroom items

If you are looking to complete your bathroom, you can get the soap dispenser Thank you. It is simple in white and transparent and will cost you one euro.

You can also buy the brush holder Bolen and you would already have the complete game also for one euro.

Ikea Offers | A candle holder and a beautiful vase that will serve you in any corner of the house IKEA SPAIN

Ikea Decoration Items on sale

Now that Christmas is around the corner you can decorate your house with some small candle holders Finsmak colorless glass. They measure 3.5 centimeters and cost 0.25 euros each.

Matching you’ll find the vase padrag (1 euro) of 17 centimeters and ideal to place in any corner of your house with a plant.

If what you were looking for was a frame to place your photos, the Yllevad is ideal for you, since it measures 13×18 centimeters and costs 0.50 euros.

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