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IKEA OFFERS | Five products to renew your living room for less than 100 euros

Like every year the rebates They are a good time to make those purchases you had in mind or indulge yourself. If we are talking about decoration, you can take the opportunity to give that style twist that you liked for a long time or renew an article or textile.

The living room It is one of the rooms that we use the most in the house, which is why it is where we can most easily get tired of always seeing the same decoration. Or it can also be the place where certain items, such as textiles, are worn the most.

If you want to renovate this part of your home, we have found five discounted products in the Ikea outlet with which your living room will never be the same.

Offers at Ikea

Now that we live in times of cold, it may be that one of your first options when it comes to renewing textiles is the carpet. The Rindsholm has a beautiful geometry with pairs of circles in rows that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a rug in natural tones that you can use both to place at the foot of your sofa and under the dining room table.

It has perfect measurements for either of these two places (160×230 cm) and being woven in cotton and viscose makes it easy to keep clean. Of course, keep in mind that to place it you will need a Stop Filt anti-slip protection (165×235 cm). The price of the rug is now 39 euros (40 euros discount).

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Ikea Offers | With this rug and/or these curtains you will be able to give a new life to your living room IKEA SPAIN

Continuing with the textiles, you can also choose to change the curtains. And there are no more original than the Ordensfly with a black and white houndstooth print. It measures 145×300 cm and you can hang it from a bar or a rail. They are dense enough to protect your privacy but allow outside light to filter through, creating a warm atmosphere. Its price is 15 euros (10 euros discount).

If what we are looking for are decoration items, you have the set of paintings Knoppäng with a total of 8 frames of different sizes. They include prints related to rural life but you can put the ones you like the most and combine them on your wall as best suits you. they all cost 25 euros (10 euro discount).

If you are more of original wall decorations you will like this kind of rope and wood tree that can be used to hang some nice photos. It is 112 high and 75 wide and costs 9 euros (6 discount).

Ikea Offers | A set of pictures or a tree made of wood and rope to decorate your walls for less than 10 euros IKEA SPAIN

And finally a game of chunky candles with LED lights They emit a soft, flickering light. They have a timer that turns on the light every day at the same time and turns off six hours later and they are also suitable for outdoors. they cost 6 euros (8 euros savings).

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