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Ikea shelves | The most popular shelves can be placed (almost) anywhere

Ikea shelves | Ikea’s most popular shelving is suitable for any corner and environment

There are furniture from Ikea that we all know and that we have in our mind. We enter a house, we see that piece of furniture and we already know that it is from Ikea. Isn’t it wrong with the dresser Ore? With more or less drawers, more or less high, but when you see it, you know that it is from the Swedish giant, there is no doubt. The same happens with the cabinets or with some lamps, there is no house worth its salt that has not had the ceiling lamp Melody And, right now, there is no house that does not have Babu’s Sinnerling.

Well, the same thing happens with shelves. The most popular Ikea shelves are undoubtedly the Kallax. You will not deny that you have seen them in a house (or you have it yourself) but what you may not have known are the great possibilities it offers. In addition to having countless models to adapt them to any room.

It almost does not matter what style of home you have, because being so simple and offering so many colors to combine you can make it fit perfectly. You can also use its accessories to achieve doors or place baskets to give it a different touch.

Ikea shelves | The shelves can have drawers or doors and can be used to separate environments IKEA SPAIN

Cheap shelving at Ikea

The Kallax it has as many possible combinations as you can imagine. They are simple compositions of squares, but precisely because of this simplicity you can choose to place them both vertically and horizontally. You have compositions of 16, 12, 8, 4, 3, 2 or 1 square. In some combinations such as the 8 compartment you can place doors to create closed spaces or, you can even put drawers if it is more practical or a kind of tables in X.

You have all of them in white and almost all in black and wood. As a novelty in one of eight compartments you have gray color combined with wood and in others the white can be in high gloss. Its price is among the 100 and 10 euros, depending on the size you choose.

Ikea shelves | You can complete the shelves with doors, drawers or these X-shaped partitions IKEA SPAIN

More Ikea furniture for your home

Ikea has become well known internationally for its furniture at popular prices. That is why in our Decoration section we are publishing news that may interest you to furnish your home. We talk to you about cheapest swedish wardrobe, from the furniture that becomes a desk or the cheapest practical sofa-bed.

We have also dedicated ourselves to researching one of their most coveted pieces of furniture: the dressers. That is why we are talking about the three cheapest you can find but also the one that is most popular with your audience.

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