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IKEA wireless chargers: these are the best

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IKEA also makes electronic products and some of the most interesting are their wireless chargers: compatible with all mobile phones, cheap and with good designs.

Qi or wireless charging technology allows you to forget forever about connecting a cable to your mobile to recharge its battery. Having a wireless charger is nowadays very cheap, but its designs may not be very successful according to your taste.

IKEA has quite a few wireless chargers at good prices and that are available on its website with online purchase and home delivery or pick-up at one of its stores.

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The good thing about IKEA wireless chargers is that they come in very good designs, in the Scandinavian style that stands out from the brand. But they have also integrated wireless chargers into products such as lamps.

These are the best models of wireless chargers from IKEA what can you buy. Remember, they are fully compatible with all mobiles that have this technology, regardless of the brand.



This little wireless charger LIVBOJ It is the simplest and cheapest option that IKEA has. It is round, with a USB-C connection and is available in black and white.

It is only capable of charging at 5W, so the charge is slow and it also comes without an adapter or USB cable. You can buy it for only 5 euros.

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The charger NORDMÄRKE round it is available in three colors and differs in that it is covered with fabric in green, black and red options.

It is essentially identical to LIVBOJ because the size is the same and the load, at 5W, is identical. It is slightly more expensive but still a cheap product that you can buy for 9 euros.



The vertical loader NORDMÄRKE It is a very good option of wireless charger to have it on your desk. It has a bamboo base on which the charger itself rests.

You can put your mobile both horizontally and vertically because it has two charging coils. It is rated at 5W and comes without a USB-C adapter or cable. You can get it for 15 euros.

NORDMÄRKE portable


Among the NORDMÄRKE product range you will find this wireless charger and 6500 mAh battery. It is a perfect option if you want to have a battery that you can take anywhere and also charge your mobile wirelessly.

It is available in one color, in mottled gray fabric and can be had for only 22 euros.

NORDMÄRKE triple charger


Another charger from the IKEA NORDMÄRKE range is this version with three loading zones. It is a perfect triple charger to use with several mobiles or with several products, such as a pair of mobiles and headphones.

Each charging zone has a power of 5 W and is sold without a cable or charger. It also has a cork detail around it that can be removed to use it in its natural white color. Its price is 49 euros.

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The lamp with wireless charger HEKTAR It is a perfect option to install on a desk or even on a nightstand.

As a lamp you can use any E14 LED bulb (thin socket). In addition, at its base, it has a 5W wireless charging base for your mobile. You can get it at IKEA for 79 euros.

BETTORP LED lamp with charger


BETTORP they are two products in one, on the one hand you have a battery-powered LED lamp that you can install anywhere in your house since its battery lasts for many hours. On the other hand, its charging base is also compatible with mobile phones.

The lamp works with rechargeable batteries and the wireless charger has a power of 5W. It can be purchased on the IKEA website for 69 euros.

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