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Illa: “A third dose of the vaccine will be necessary in 2022”

Minister Salvador Illa.

Minister Salvador Illa.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in a dialogue with the president of Pimec, Antoni Cañete, in the 33rd edition ‘Premis Pimes 2020. Reconeixements Era Covid’ has indicated that “Possibly a third dose of the vaccine will be necessary in 2022.”

“Some vaccines will be free from the public health system, they will not be mandatory and will be distributed by appointment. The distribution will be equitable and we will provide them according to the decisions of the experts“, added the Minister of Health.

According to the minister, next Monday the European Medicines Agency will issue a technical sheet with the details of the vaccine and how it should be supplied, from which a communication campaign will be carried out for both health workers and the population with the details.

We can start to vaccinate from December 27, thanks to an unprecedented effort of science. Now we can talk about the beginning of the end of the pandemic and we believe that by the end of the summer more than 70% of the population will already be vaccinated “, Illa added.


Regarding the prospects for 2021, he has expressed that we will have to continue taking precautions but it will be a time to make a constructive assessment and to give more value to public health systems in terms of prevention, “because this situation can happen again.”

On the balance between health and the economy in the pandemic, the minister has indicated that it has been taken into account because one cannot be understood without the other and “because the economy is the first social determinant of health. A country with a poor economy has poor health. ”

Regarding the differences in the measures taken in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​it has indicated that “We could consider the calculation valid when taking measures for each community” and that the comparisons are not good in this case.

For his part, the president of Pimec, Josep González i Sala, has recognized the efforts of Catalan companies during the pandemic, also recalling figures of its impact: “67% of SMEs still suffer a drop in sales and demand and despite the improvement in recent months, 17% say they could not face a third wave of restrictions. ”

SMEs as protagonists

The vice president of the Government and Minister of Economy and Finance, Pere Aragonés, has indicated to close the act that “it has been a very hard year for many and also in business terms. But Catalonia has shown resilience and resistance to difficulties.”

“Thanks to the scientific advances that have made it possible to generate a vaccine, social spheres will be able to resume with the economic part that we have had to put aside during the pandemic. And SMEs will have to be protagonists and be able to access the resources that come from the European Union “, he concluded.

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