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Illa: “It seems that the measures are beginning to pay off”

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has indicated that the data of incidence of COVID-19 in recent days “confirm a downward stabilization of the epidemiological situation,” with a cumulative incidence of 514 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in recent days this Wednesday, compared to 528 last Wednesday.

At a press conference this Wednesday from La Moncloa after the telematic meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS), the minister has pointed out, however, that the situation of COVID-19 in Spain “It is still very worrying.”

“We still have a high number of hospitalizations and ICU admissions, also a relevant number of deceased people, “he warned, noting that” we must continue to keep our guard up for a long period of time, with strict measures. ”

The minister has argued that the advance of the coronavirus “is stabilizing and improving little by little, but that it has to improve much more.” “It will demand the commitment of all”, has commented, highlighting that it is still necessary to comply with the restrictive measures imposed to flatten the contagion curve.

In this regard, it has advanced that the imposed measures seem to be beginning to have results, after being asked about the possibility of imposing house confinements, as applied in March. According to Illa, “three or four” autonomous communities have demanded in the CISNS that the scenario of strict confinement be “foreseen” if necessary.

Thus, Health has transferred the CCAA and the rest of the participants in the meeting, such as the one that is necessary evaluate measures for a “minimum of three weeks” so that the effect of the measures can be seen, although he has pointed out that, incidentally, their consequences are already being observed in the weekly data.

On the other hand, the minister has informed the regional councilors of the compliance with the state strategy on measures and restrictions against COVID-19, the common framework of action set in the Interterritorial Council a month ago. According to the minister, a “very high level of agreement” has been achieved.

Thus, three-quarters of the Autonomous Communities have implemented the perimeter closures of their borders, two-thirds within their own community, all except the Canary Islands have adopted the limitation of night mobility, the right of assembly or the restrictions of capacity in different activities.

In the same way, a third of them, approximately, have decreed the total closure of the hotel business, and almost two-thirds some limitation in this area. “They are very common and similar measures because they are based on this common framework. It is acting based on the same indicators, taking proportionate measures and giving enough time to see their effectiveness,” he added.

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