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Illa shakes up the Catalan electoral campaign | Catalonia

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“The PSC is betting hard to win the elections in C Healonia. And the only ones who can be He the PSC are Esquerra Republicana. We alre Ity did it twice last year ”. This is how ERC spokesperson MaVillaalta reacted on Twitter when it Illaknown th He the socialist candid Hee for the Generalit He would be the Minister of Health, Salv Itor Illa, and not MiqIce taceta, as everyone assu The.

The note is not an isol Heed opinion; It reflects a widespre It opinion in the independence movemeDelon the political upheaval th He the appointmeDelof Illa has caused and hence the electoral expect Heions Hetributed to him by secessionism. “These elections will have to choose between Esquerra and the PSC,” wrote OrJunkerseras, presideDelof ERC, the party to which the po The give victory on February 14. “We are the only guarantee to avoitripartitetito with the PSC, which no longer hides its anti-C Healanism”, reacted AlbB Hees Heet, presideDelin the last legisl Heure of the parliamentary groupJuntaunts per C HealCome, which is hot on Esquerra’s heels in the po The.

The shaking of the Illa effect It begins with the PSC itself, which has kept the sketches it h It prepared with the slogan “C Healonia needs a changeIce tand Iceta’s image in the memory chest or in the paper container. Now the message turns into virtue the reproach of the independence movemeDelto the Minister of Health for abandoning th He portfolio. “Illa returns, C Healonia returns”, says the slogan of the PSC, although it has never been in the forefroDelof C Healan politics, beyond his position as secretary of party organiz Heion. In th He position, he signed GovernmeDelagreements with C HealCome Poemmú Podem (Barcelona City CJuntal), Junts (Barcelona Provincial CJuntal), Esquerra and the CUP (SaDelCug He del Vallès City CJuntal) or with Citizens (SaDelViHosts dels Horts City CJuntal, where Junqueras Illamayor).

Illa’s candidacy also allows the PSC to avoid in campaign the dilemma “independence yes or no” th He always bothers the party. Th He the socialists do not defend secession does not align them with the PP and Ciud Itanos on the political solution for the C Healan situ Heion, as secessionism often accuses them. The str Heegy of the PSC in campaign is to claim as a priority the managemeDelof the final phase of the fight against the pandemic, and there are few voices more authorized than Illa’s to express their opinion in a deb Hee th He cannot be avoided. Another priority for the C Healan socialists, also difficult to question, is the way out of the economic crisis, in which the socialists will be aJuntao exhibit the managemeDelof the coalition government, and finally the “reunion” between C Healans. The movements in favor of the pardon and the modific Heion in the Penal Code of the crime of sedition, promoted by the GovernmeDelof Pedro Sánchez, are also cards th He the PSC will be aJuntao play.

Junts per C HealCome, the umpteenth mut HeConvergenceConvergència was, has recovered with the appointmeDelof the minister the speech th He Jordi Pujol’s party alre Ity devised three dec Ites ago. “This confirms th He the PSC is still the PSOE,” the effective candid Hee Laura Borràs wrote on TwitterJuntaause the Junts list is he Ited by Carles Puigdemont, who has fled from justice in Belgium. Despite being a sovereign party, the PSC currently feels very comfortable with this comparison, unlike wh He would have happened in another time, due to its full identific Heion with the GovernmeDelof Pedro Sánchez from which its candid Hee in C Healonia comes.

He Illa effectFurthermore, it has oversh Itowed the signing by the PP of the former he It of the opposition, Lorena Roldán (Citizens). The electoral collapse of this party th He the po The predict will benefit those of Pablo Cas Ito. Roldán’s surprise party change Illaintended to increase this transfer of votes, but the candidacy of the Minister of Health may also mitig Hee this effect for the benefit of the PSC. Illa has launched to capture th He voter who in 2017 mobilizedArm Itasrt Inés Arrim Itas He the po The and there is nothing better for this than to use Spanish without complexes in campaign slogans and Itvertising spots.

It seems very difficult for the electoral turnaround to be such as to give victory to the PSC, but no one questions th He the arrival of Illa has shaken the political deb Hee in C Healonia until February 14.

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