Monday, April 19

Illa warns ERC that setting a limit to the dialogue table is “blackmailing”

The PSC candidate for the Generalitat, Salvador Illa.

The PSC candidate for the Generalitat, Salvador Illa.

The PSC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Salvador Illa, has warned ERC that setting the expiration date of the dialogue table in 2023, as the Republicans have agreed with the CUP, supposes a “blackmail” that reveals his little “sincerity” when negotiating with the State.

“The approach of: ‘we are going to dialogue, we sit down to talk, but if in two years what I want has not been agreed, I will also do it on my own unilaterally’ is not acceptable. ‘This is not dialogue, this is to blackmail is to want to impose, “Illa denounced in an interview with Efe.

The socialist leader in the Parliament thus refers to the point of agreement between ERC and CUP to invest in Pere Aragonès as president of the Generalitat in which both formations are given two years of margin to evaluate the progress of the dialogue table on amnesty and self-determination, before deciding whether it is time to initiate a new “democratic attack” against the State.

For Illa, this approach is as if, in a couple relationship, one says to the other: “We are going to agree to see where we go on vacation, but if in ten minutes we are not going where I want and how I want, Well, we will go the same because I say so. ”

“That is not sincerity, that is blackmailing,” he deplored.

In his opinion, the pact between ERC and the CUP is “a bad agreement” that evidences “a political, conceptual and even moral subordination” of the republicans to the anti-capitalist formation despite the fact that “he only has 6% of the votes.”

Faced with this attitude, Illa has warned that the PSC will not wrinkle before the criticism of the CUP, which dismisses the Socialists as “party of the regime of 78”.

“Lessons, the fair ones, because there are no photos of socialist leaders embracing and kissing with Mr. Artur Mas. The credentials of the left are not preached, they are practiced. Lessons for us, the justitas,” Illa snapped to the CUP, evoking the Image of the embrace between former Catalan president Artur Mas and former deputy of the anti-capitalists David Fernàndez after the 9N 2014 consultation.

Illa has argued that for resolve the Catalan conflict we must bet on dialogue, “knowing that when you try to reach an agreement there must be resignations” and that “this is not fixed in a week or in a month.”

In this sense, he has once again reached out to Aragonès to help him reactivate the dialogue table with the State, which ERC and the PSOE agreed upon when they negotiated the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, and that only one met once, in February 2020, just before the outbreak of the covid pandemic.

In addition, he has defended the development of another dialogue table within Catalonia, in which all parties with parliamentary representation – also Vox – participate and that he work to rebuild the internal consensuses that, in his opinion, have been broken during the decade of the procés, which has left a “divided” society.

To your understanding, it would be “logical” for this “Catalan table” to meet before there was a second appointment with the State Government, to address a common strategy that “reinforces” the proposals that the representatives of the Generalitat bring to the table with Sánchez.

“One table is as important as the other. Moreover, one cannot be understood without the other. You can go with much more legitimacy to propose, as the government of the Generalitat, your approach to the table with the Government of Spain if you have previously agreed here, with everyone, because Catalonia is plural, a shared diagnosis “, he stressed.

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