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Illegal parties, the main concern for countries given the advance of the pandemic



Be what they call ‘pandemic fatigue’ or simply out of exhaustion with the restrictions, the arrival of spring has caused a flowering of acts that are not allowed. Social gatherings, in which there is usually alcohol and where anti-Covid rules are not respected. The main neighboring countries, including Spain, have needed police intervention in many of their main cities this weekend.

Marseille celebrates carnival

In France, authorities detained at least nine people after participating in an unauthorized carnival party in Marseille. They are accused of violating the restrictions imposed to slow the advance of the pandemic. More of 6,500 people participated this Sunday in an “undeclared” event for celebrate carnival in the center of Marseille, forcing the Police to have to intervene to dissolve the concentration. «Without declaring it in the prefecture, without a mask, without physical distancing. Total irresponsibility of the carnival participants ”, the Prefecture reproached through Twitter.

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Interior, Camille Chaize, regretted what happened, describing it as “unacceptable”, while the rest of the French “make an effort and adapt to respect as far as possible the different regulations that take place to fight this pandemic.” So far, the authorities have not identified the organizers of the event, whose celebration usually falls on the neighborhood associations of the neighborhoods of the center of Marseille through which it passes, such as La Plaine, Cours Julien and Noailles.

However, on this occasion, for health reasons, they have not taken care of it. The concentration has been announced in recent days on social networks, and even with posters stuck in the streets of Marseille, reports the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’.

Although Marseille is not in the risk zone decreed by the French Government last week, its citizens must comply with a series of regulations imposed at the national level, such as the mandatory use of a mask, avoid crowds and comply with the curfew. .

Miami Beach police forced to break up the crowd

Across the Atlantic, the Miami Beach she was forced to use pepper spray against a crowd and detained at least a dozen people on Saturday night when the city took extraordinary measures to suppress tourists who authorities said were out of control. The celebration of ‘spring break’ is traditional there, coinciding with the beginning of spring.

The police intervention came just hours after Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared the state of emergency and set a curfew from 8:00 p.m., saying that the crowds that have come to town are “more than we can handle.”

On Saturday night hundreds of people, mostly without masks, remained on the streets long after the curfew time. With the sirens at full volume, the police used pepper spray – a chemical irritant – against the crowd, which caused a stampede of people, according to the CNN television network.

Also in Spain

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has asked the government delegate in the region, José Manuel Franco, to put the Security Forces at the disposal of the capital to “fight against illegal parties.”

The Municipal Police of Madrid has intervened this weekend in a total of 384 parties or illegal gatherings at home held for breaches of anti-Covid regulations: 117 on Friday, 117 on Saturday and 150 on Sunday.

In Barcelona, ​​a joint device of the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Guardia Urbana evicted the Paseo del Born in Barcelona and the Plaza del Macba of people who did not respect anti-coronavirus measures and were drinking in groups. Both enclaves of the Catalan capital have been converted for weeks en meeting points for people who meet to drink and the complaints of the neighbors have been constant inasmuch as the restrictions are violated appreciably.

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