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“I’m going to die. My organs have been pierced »




«I’m going to die. My organs have been pierced». They are the last words, according to her brother, from Sara Gómez, the 39-year-old woman who died in Cartagena on day 1 after spending a month in the ICU. On December 2, he underwent liposculpture that put Sara in intensive care, first, and then with her death. Yesterday, the judge on duty withdrew her passport and prohibited Alejandro MAC, the doctor who operated on her from leaving the country. You may continue to exercise, since the magistrate does not rule on the disqualification of the surgeon as intended by the private prosecution. It argues that this suspension is only foreseen after a conviction and not as a precautionary measure.

Sara Gomez, real estate agent and mother of two children, has debated for 28 days between life and death. He contacted the doctor, according to his family, through social networks, and he rented an operating room at the Virgen de la Caridad clinic in Cartagena. After the operation, she had to be rushed to the Santa Lucía Hospital, where she was admitted “without a pulse and without tension,” her father explained, with damage to numerous organs – kidneys, liver, colon, intestine and duodenum, among others. The family assures that he suffered 27 perforations with the cannula used to extract abdominal fat, and that supposedly resulted in a strong hemorrhage, which forced his urgent transfer.

He appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office a complaint for injuries, and after Sara’s death another in the court for homicide. On Tuesday the doctor – it was questioned whether he had the degree – had been summoned by the judge but did not appear and she issued an arrest warrant. Yesterday he appeared in court accompanied by his lawyers and was banned from leaving Spain. Upon leaving the doctor regretted what happened and assured that he fully trusts the Justice. His lawyers criticized the “hoaxes” that have circulated.

«He is a doctor, with the MIR completed and accredited, as shown by no one has denounced him for intrusion“Said Mariano Bó, one of the two lawyers. “Another thing is the discussions that professional associations and plastic and cosmetic surgeons have about the existence or not of a specific specialty”,

Sara was buried Monday with her family and friends still in shock at the outcome of a seemingly simple intervention. The Cartagena court to which the proceedings correspond will now have to elucidate how these serious injuries occurred and if there was negligence that ended with the death of the patient.

The doctor, with dual Spanish and Chilean nationality, studied at the University of Murcia, did the MIR in Spain and, according to his defense, has a master’s degree in Aesthetics and other courses «what will present». He works as a cardiovascular surgeon in the Quirón clinic and makes this activity compatible with aesthetic medicine privately. Yesterday he did not have to give a statement since the appearance was only to set the precautionary measures.

Mariano Bo, his lawyer, explained to ABC that he never escaped. It was his firm that recommended before Sara’s death that «will get out of the way». He assures that they have painted him at home and threatened to kill him and his partner, a clinic assistant who has worked as a waitress and whom they point to as one of the people who was in the operating room. Bo denies that the woman participated in the operation. They have filed a complaint about threats against the spokesperson for the platform “La Voz de Sara”. The doctor flew from Chile to Madrid on Tuesday and appeared in court in the afternoon with his lawyer. «The anesthetist did not stop the operation. We understand that the problem arose in the postoperative period but there is a deceased woman and that demands the utmost respect until it is known what happened, “says the lawyer.

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