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“I’m scared!”: Video shows beating of an African-American who died during arrest

Another case of police brutality.

Photo: INA FASSBENDER / AFP / Getty Images

“It was sadistic, totally unnecessary”, this is how they described the terrible images that were released this Wednesday of the arrest of the African American Ronald Greene, who was killed by Louisiana police in 2019.

“I’m your brother, I’m scared, I’m scared!”Greene is heard saying in a state official’s body camera video, which the agency obtained A.P.

The policemen were caught on video when they beat and dragged the subject who apologizes for having caused a high-speed chase. Officers refused to show the video for two years.

The video shows the subject who died after the arrest alive.

The events of 2019 outside of Monroe, Louisiana, originated a federal investigation for possible violation of civil rights, but unlike other cases in which the video of the body camera of the officers is spread quickly, here there was maximum secrecy and cover-up accusations.

According to the news agency, Louisiana authorities repeatedly refused to reveal the details and images of the arrest in which the 49-year-old man died.

At first, police said Greene died from the collision in pursuit with three other cars. Later they corrected the version and assured that there was interaction with the police and the subject died on the way to the hospital.

The images released this Wednesday speak for themselves. Severe beatings are observed, the use of an electric pistol although the man is unarmed.

For 46 minutes the police hit Greene on the ground and swear at him. “Stupid son of a ***.”

While the subject asks for mercy, the police try to subdue him to put handcuffs on him, while he is kicked.

At one point in the video, a policeman drags Greene by the legs, who cannot put his hands in because he is tied up.

“I hope this guy doesn’t get any damn help.” one of the white policemen who appear in the video is heard saying.

The images are from the body camera of police officer Dakota DeMoss. And at least it shows five others involved.

Several minutes after Greene does not appear in the video, he is seen again bleeding from his head and face, with no response. On several occasions the police mute their microphones.

“They killed him. This was planned, ”said Greene’s mom, Mona Hardin. “He didn’t have a chance.”

Lee Merritt, attorney for the Greene family, said that some parts of the video are reminiscent of the case. George Floyd, who died suffocated by the knee of a policeman.

“He apologized, this is an attempted murder”Merrit said.

“It was sadistic, totally unnecessary. He did not represent any danger. “said Andrew Scott, a former Boca Raton police chief, who analyzed the video for the AP.

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